bin/ : No such file or directory,...
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bin/ : No such file or directory,...
woodo 发表于6年前
bin/ : No such file or directory,...
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移动开发云端新模式探索实践 >>>   

Today i installed a new ubuntu 11.10 in VMWare, however, i'm not lucky this time, normally run the shell, get the failure, no any clues. I'm stuck here, why it happens, the command is there, weird!


zhuji06@ubuntu :~/hbase-0.92.1$ bin/
: No such file or directory

zhuji06@ubuntu :~/hbase-0.92.1$ bash -x bin/

+ $'\r'
bin/ line 22: $'\r': command not found
+ $'\r'
bin/ line 24: $'\r': command not found
' usage='Usage:
+ $'\r'
bin/ line 28: $'\r': command not found
++ dirname bin/
+ bin=$'bin\r'
++ cd $'bin\r'
: No such file or directory: cd: bin
++ pwd
+ bin=$'/home/zhuji06/hbase-0.92.1\r'
+ $'\r'
bin/ line 31: $'\r': command not found
+ . $'/home/zhuji06/hbase-0.92.1\r/\r'
: No such file or directory: /home/zhuji06/hbase-0.92.1
+ $'\r'
bin/ line 33: $'\r': command not found
+ errCode=$'127\r'
bin/ line 55: syntax error: unexpected end of file

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Found the root cause and solution:
I use the tool 'dos2unix' to convert file, and that file works, then there are other files not working. Finally I found the root cause and solution. I print here to the guys who has this issue as well.

The root cause is the HBase package unpackaged by winzip on windows platform, so all files of hbase is DOS format, and 'dos2unix' works.

The solution is download in linux again (mine is Unbuntu), and unpackage by linux tool, I use Archive Manager. That works well.

the issue is really hard to address, hope it helps.

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