How to Calibrate Battery And Charge Battery To Max

2014/02/05 18:54
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Battery Calibration and Max mV

You must be rooted to utilize this method 

1. While in Android, charge up to 100% and leave the phone plugged in.
2. Using root explorer or es file explorer delete /data/system/batterystats.bin
3. Remove back cover
4. Press Power and choose to reboot normally.
5. When the screen goes black and the lights go out, pull out the battery before you get the M logo. It will probably still work after the M logo shows up but that's how I do it.

6. SurpriseThe phone will boot up without the battery! - Mine does - every time

NoteBatterystats.bin is recreated when you see the M logo - even though the battery isn't in the phone.

Go to Step 8 if the phone booted up as described.

7. If it doesn't boot up and you see the battery with the ?
..........a) Put the battery back in (you will see 60%),
..........b) Power off the phone (press power until LED light goes out)
..........c) Power on the phone (press power until you see the M logo)
..........d) Remove battery... and watch bootanimation... 

8. a) After the surprise of seeing the boot animation without a battery, you will then see the lock screen along with a "No SIM card error" and no signal.
...... Put the battery back in - the SIM card error will disappear, you will get a signal, it will show 60% full and the icon will show the battery charging.
...... Go to Step 9 if this works as planned. If it doesn't, reboot (again without the battery) and use step 8b instead of step 8a.
... b) Put the battery back in during the bootanimation, but after the haptic feedback/vibration (and the buttons along the bottom light up).
....... On a normal reboot, you can actually slide and unlock the phone when you get the vibration during the boot animation. You knew that, right?

9. Use your phone normally while you calibrate the battery 

10. Let it fill it up to 100% + 15 minutes or so. When it is truly finished charging, the battery should be cool.

11. If the phone is running hot, weird things can happen. For example, you may get no signal when you put the battery back in or the battery doesn't begin charging (the status bar battery icon doesn't change). Just let the phone cool off and it should work next time.

100% full is approximately 4200mV
As you can see in the cap below, it's showing only 60% at 4241mV (This was after booting up without the battery and putting the battery in)
A few minutes later, still plugged in, it showed 100% at 4225mV and then it went up to 4230mV.

Finally, I then unplugged the phone and I got a reading of 4196mV 

This is proven to work and works well... I did not come up with this nor do I take credit for it... I copied and pasted this on word from another forum but could not tell you where lol

I am not responsible for what you may or may not do to your phone by doing this 

Moderators if this has been previously posted please discard the thread thank you 

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