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Open Source Android Apps for Developers: Fifteen Open Source Android (2D or 3D) Game Engine for Android Developers
Android Game Engine is very useful for Android game developers, here is fifteen open source Android (2D or 3D) Game Engines for Android Developers.
1. Rokon: The open source 2D game engine for Android
Rokon is an open source, extensive, powerful and flexible 2D game engine for Android. Rokon has been rewritten from the ground up. Many more features are integrated, and the future promises a lot of things. Examples, tutorials and documentation will follow this release. Rokon is an open source (New BSD license) 2D OpenGL game engine for Android. With the help of libgdx and Box2D the developers bring you a full, detailed physics engine written in native code.
Project home: and

2. Libgdx: Android game development framework
Libgdx is an open source Android project which is the developer’s attempt at a cross-platform game development library written in Java with some JNI code for performance hungry sections. It abstracts away the differences between writting desktop and Android games based on OpenGL. This allows you to prototype and develop your application entirely on the desktop and only needing 6 lines of code to make it run on Android.
Project home:
3. Android-2D-Engine: Engine for 2d games written for android in c++/java
Android-2d-engine is an open source Android 2D game engine which is currently under construction, the project born for serve as base for games. Actually there are two projects:
trunk/bullet: Contains the c++ source code for bullet and the jni class to communicate with android. This code is not really needed since the sample contains the compiled lib.
trunk/androgine: Contains the rest of the code needed to communicate with bullet plus a sample with profiling purposes.
Project home:

4. AndEngine: Free Android 2D OpenGL Game Engine
AndEngine is an open source Android game engine project which is a free 2D OpenGL Game Engine for the Android platform. The main features include:
* Android-Optimized
* Android 1.6 Compatibility
* SplitScreen
* Network Multiplayer
* Live-Wallpapers
* MultiTouch
* Physics-Engine (Box2D)
Project home:

5. Angle: ANdroid GL Engine
Angle is an open source Android game engine project which aimed to be a way to develop 2D games using OpenGL ES on Android providing as much speed as possible. The engine is entirely coded in java so you can overload every object for your convenience. With the engine is included a series of tutorials to show how to use it.
Project Home:
6. jPCT-AE: A free 3D engine for Android
jPCT-AE(Android Edition) is a port of jPCT to Android. It’s a port, not just a new renderer for the normal version of jPCT to be more suitable for the Android platform. jPCT is a free, small, fast and easy to learn 3D engine for Java. It offers support for software and hardware rendering. jPCT offers you all the features you need to write a cool looking 3D game or application in Java in a short time. There is no need for an extra library for collision detection or a seperate GUI package to replace Swing/AWT.
Project Home:

7. Dwarf-fw: Android 3D Framework
Dwarf-fw is an open source Android framework/game engine consisting of a scene graph plus some utility classes. It’s mainly aimed to abstract OpenGL ES. It’s developed to function with the Android Dev Phone 1 that features an accelerometer, magnetometer, touchscreen and trackball. If you got another device, please test it and report back! Some of the current features:
* Spatial key frame animations (no morphing)
* Picking
* OBJ importer
* Binary importer/exporter
* Lighting
* Materials
* Simple sensor filtering
* VBO support
Project Home:

8. YoghurtGum: Cross platform C++ 2D-engine for mobile devices
YoghurtGum is an open source project which is a cross platform 2D engine that aims to make game development on mobile devices easy, fun and fast. Just like the candy its name is derived from. Currently YoghurtGum is being developed for Android, keeping Windows Mobile 6 in mind. On Android it will use OpenGL to render things on the screen while on Windows Mobile 6 it will use DirectX.
Project Home:

9 . Forget3D: A OpenGL ES framework
Forget 3D Game Engine (A OpenGL ES framework) is an open source project which is a OpenGL ES framework(still not a engine) for Android, Win32, WinCE platform, it simplifies your OpenGL ES program development, support scene management, Texture, Camera, Light, Model loader, Font etc.
Project Home:
10. Mages: Mages Game Engine enables you to develop effective multiplayer client/server internet games for mobile devices with minimum efforts
Mages is multiplayer client/server game engine for Android and other mobile devices (currently Android and J2ME devices are supported, development for Windows Mobile in the progress). It allows developers to create internet multiplayer games by implementing only core game logic and GUI by using powerful engine API. Developers can reuse effective Comet-based engine networking protocol, common game tasks like login to game server, retrieving of active player list, list of available game sessions, create new game session, join existing game, invite other player, just chat with opponents and many other features.
Project Home:

11. jMonkeyEngine: jMonkey Engine (jME) is a leading Java Based 3D Game Engine
jMonkey Engine (jME) is a high-performance 3D game engine, written entirely in Java. OpenGL is supported via LWJGL, with JOGL support in development. For sound, OpenAL is supported. Input via the keyboard, mouse, and other controllers is also supported.
jME is a community-driven open source project released under the ‘new BSD license’. It is currently being used by several commercial game studios as well as by university game classes. While the project will continue to support and develop its most popular 2.0 branch for years still to come, a 3.0 branch is quickly emerging in response to higher standards of the next generation in performance and hardware.
Now, Android platform has been surpported by jME3: Android Support Confirmed for jME3. So jMonkeyEngine may be one of the most important Android game engines.
Project home:

12. Cocos2d-android: A framework for building 2D games for the Android platform.
Cocos2d for Android is an open source Android game related project which is a framework for building 2D games, demos and other graphical/interactive applications. It is based on the cocos2d-iphone design: it uses the same API, but instead of using objective-c, it uses Java. And Cocos2d for iPhone is a framework for building 2D games, demos, and other graphical/interactive applications. It is based on the cocos2d design: it uses the same API, but instead of using python it uses objective-c.
Project Home:
13. Catcake: An Open Source Graphics Engine
Catcake is an Open Source Graphics Engine which runs on following platforms for now:
* Android
* Windows
* Linux
Catcake is a cross-platform 3D graphics engine intended to be easy-to-use and high performance, which also supports the features for game development, such as animation, input device handling and sound playing.
Project Home:

14. Alien3D – Android 3D Game Engine
Alien 3D is an open source Android 3D game engine which is a OpenGL ES based game engine for Android OS.
Project Home:

15. LGame: Android and J2SE Game Engine
LGame is an open source Android and J2SE Game Engine which is developed by Chinese developers and the intrudction is Chinese language.
Project Home:
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