如何禁用诊断工具? - How to disable Diagnostic Tools?

问题: When debugging a C# application in Visual Studio 2015, Diagnostic Tools starts automatically. 在Visual Studio 2015中调试C#应用程序时, 诊断工具会自动启动。 I unchecked ...

使用 ConstraintLayout 均匀间隔视图 - Evenly spacing views using ConstraintLayout

问题: A common use for LinearLayout is to evenly space (weight) views, for example: LinearLayout一个常见用途是均匀间隔(权重)视图,例如: How do you implement evenly spaced v...

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如何将图片保存到 iPhone 照片库? - How to save picture to iPhone photo library?

问题: 我需要做什么才能将我的程序生成的图像(可能来自相机,也可能不是)保存到 iPhone 上的系统照片库? 解决方案: 参考一:https://en.stackoom.com/question/kXj 参考二:https://sta...

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什么是自以为是的软件? - What is opinionated software?

问题: I often see people saying that certain software is "very opinionated" or that Microsoft tends to write "un-opinionated" frameworks. 我经常看到人们说某些软件“非常自以为是...

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从另一个应用程序打开设置应用程序 - Opening the Settings app from another app

问题: Okay, I know that there are many question about it, but they are all from many time ago.好吧,我知道有很多关于它的问题,但它们都是很久以前的。 So.所以。 I know that it i...

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如何优雅地检查一个数字是否在一个范围内? - How to elegantly check if a number is within a range?

问题: How can I do this elegantly with C# and .NET 3.5/4?如何使用 C# 和 .NET 3.5/4 优雅地做到这一点? For example, a number can be between 1 and 100.例如,一个数字可以介于 1 和...

Simulating tremor (from e.g. Parkinson's Disease) with the mouse on a webpage?

问题: I'm working for a foundation that raises awareness for accessibility in the internet. 我正在为一个提高互联网可访问性意识的基金会工作。 For a presentation, we want to off...

正则表达式 - 连字符应该被转义吗? [复制] - Regex - Should hyphens be escaped? [duplicate]

问题: This question already has answers here : 这个问题在这里已经有了答案: Closed 9 years ago . 9年前关闭。 Possible Duplicate:可能的重复: How to match hyphens with Regular ...

MySQL 删除一些外键 - MySQL Removing Some Foreign keys

问题: I have a table whose primary key is used in several other tables and has several foreign keys to other tables.我有一个表,其主键用于其他几个表,并且有几个指向其他表的外键...

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为什么 Path.Combine 不能正确连接以 Path.DirectorySeparatorChar 开头的文件名?

问题: From the Immediate Window in Visual Studio:从 Visual Studio 中的立即窗口: > Path.Combine(@"C:\x", "y") "C:\\x\\y" > Path.Combine(@"C:\x", @"\y") "\\y" It seems that the...

使用 MySQL LEFT JOIN 删除行 - Deleting rows with MySQL LEFT JOIN

问题: I have two tables, one for job deadlines, one for describe a job.我有两张表,一张用于工作截止日期,一张用于描述工作。 Each job can take a status and some statuses means t...

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MongoDB 和猫鼬的区别 - Difference between MongoDB and Mongoose

问题: I wanted to use the mongodb database, but I noticed that there are two different databases with either their own website and installation methods: mongodb and mongoose.我...

在 PHP 中使用 heredoc 有什么好处? [关闭] - What is the advantage of using heredoc in PHP? [closed]

问题: As it currently stands, this question is not a good fit for our Q&A format. 就目前而言,这个问题不适合我们的问答形式。 We expect answers to be supported by facts, refere...

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为什么“返回 list.sort()”返回 None,而不是列表? - Why does "return list.sort()" return None, not the list?

问题: I've been able to verify that the findUniqueWords does result in a sorted list .我已经能够验证findUniqueWords确实导致排序list 。 However, it does not return the list.但是...

昨天 10:36
How do I skip a match when using Ctrl+D for multiple selections in Sublime Text 2?

问题: I have some code like:我有一些代码,如: testVar = { a: 1 }; testVariable1 = 2; var c = testVar.a + testVariable2; var d = testVar; I want to rename "testVar" variable.我...

Creating a ZIP archive in memory using System.IO.Compression

问题: I'm trying to create a ZIP archive with a simple demo text file using a MemoryStream as follows:我正在尝试使用MemoryStream创建一个带有简单演示文本文件的 ZIP 存档,如下所示...

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BAT文件执行后保持CMD打开 - Keep CMD open after BAT file executes

问题: I have a bat file like this:我有一个这样的bat文件: ipconfig That will print out the IP info to the screen, but before the user can read that info CMD closes itself.这会将...

昨天 06:46
获取 List 中不同值的列表 - Get a list of distinct values in List

问题: In C#, say I have a class called Note with three string member variables.在 C# 中,假设我有一个名为Note的类,其中包含三个字符串成员变量。 public class Note { public strin...

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为什么x ==(x = y)与(x = y)== x不相同? - Why is x == (x = y) not the same as (x = y) == x?

问题: Consider the following example: 请考虑以下示例: class Quirky { public static void main(String[] args) { int x = 1; int y = 3; System.out.println(x == (x = y));......

昨天 03:59
为什么正则表达式如此具有争议性? [关闭] - Why are regular expressions so controversial? [closed]

问题: When exploring regular expressions (otherwise known as RegEx-es), there are many individuals who seem to see regular expressions as the Holy Grail. 在探索正则表达式(也称...