Web API Put Request generates an Http 405 Method Not Allowed error

问题: Here's the call to the PUT method on my Web API - the third line in the method (I am calling the Web API from an ASP.NET MVC front end):这是对我的 Web API 上的PUT方法的调...

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捆绑程序:找不到命令 - Bundler: Command not found

问题: I am hosting on a vps, ubuntu 10.04, rails 3, ruby and mysql installed correctly by following some tutorials.我在 vps、ubuntu 10.04、rails 3、ruby 和 mysql 上托管,按照一...

删除除数字以外的所有内容的 PHP 代码 - PHP code to remove everything but numbers

问题: I'm trying to remove everything from a string but just numbers (0-9).我试图从字符串中删除所有内容,但只删除数字(0-9)。 I thought this would work..我以为这会奏效.. echo...

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MySQL处于“正在发送数据”状态是什么意思? - What does it mean when MySQL is in the state "Sending data"?

问题: What does it mean if the Mysql query:如果 Mysql 查询是什么意思: SHOW PROCESSLIST; returns "Sending data" in the State column?在状态列中返回“正在发送数据”? I imagine ...

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禁用在角度材质对话框区域外单击以关闭对话框(使用 Angular 版本 4.0+)

问题: I am currently working on password reset page of an Angular 4 project.我目前正在处理 Angular 4 项目的密码重置页面。 We are using Angular Material to create the dialog, ho...

昨天 13:05
Android RatingBar 更改星星颜色 [关闭] - Android RatingBar change star colors [closed]

问题: Closed . 关闭。 This question needs to be more focused . 这个问题需要更加集中。 It is not currently accepting answers. 它目前不接受答案。 Want to improve this question?想...

在android中添加自定义单选按钮 - Adding custom radio buttons in android

问题: I am trying to get radiobutton effect for regular buttons in android我正在尝试为 android 中的常规按钮获得单选按钮效果 I have a simple android radio button below我在下面有...

Firebase 消息传递,从哪里获取服务器密钥? - Firebase messaging, where to get Server Key?

问题: Firebase allows us to send notification messages via our own application by making POST request. Firebase 允许我们通过我们自己的应用程序通过POST请求发送通知消息。 This t...

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尝试使用AS3登录RDP - Trying to login to RDP using AS3

问题: I am trying to login to RDP using AS3 (air). 我正在尝试使用AS3(空中)登录RDP。 I am doing ok, considering the lack of resources out there to understand the actual proces...

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如何将字符串转换为双精度,反之亦然? - How to convert a string into double and vice versa?

问题: I want to convert a string into a double and after doing some math on it, convert it back to a string.我想将字符串转换为双精度值,然后对其进行一些数学运算,然后将其转换回...

多个构造函数的 JavaScript 模式 - JavaScript pattern for multiple constructors

问题: I need different constructors for my instances.我的实例需要不同的构造函数。 What is a common pattern for that?什么是常见的模式? 解决方案: 参考:https://stackoom.com/en...

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SQL-Server: Error - Exclusive access could not be obtained because the database is in use

问题: I am actually trying to make a script (in Sql Server 2008) to restore one database from one backup file.我实际上是在尝试制作一个脚本(在 Sql Server 2008 中)来从一个备份文...

昨天 05:44
如何理解局部敏感哈希? - How to understand Locality Sensitive Hashing?

问题: I noticed that LSH seems a good way to find similar items with high-dimension properties. 我注意到LSH似乎是一种寻找具有高维属性的类似项目的好方法。 After reading the pape...

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'packages' 元素未声明 - The 'packages' element is not declared

问题: When using asp.net mvc 3 project with vs 2010 I have lots of warnings like the ones below:在 vs 2010 中使用 asp.net mvc 3 项目时,我有很多警告,如下所示: I wonder if I ...

如何从我的应用程序打开网页? - How to open a web page from my application?

问题: I want to make my WPF application open the default browser and go to a certain web page.我想让我的 WPF 应用程序打开默认浏览器并转到某个网页。 How do I do that?我怎么做? ...

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获取数组中所有选中的复选框 - Getting all selected checkboxes in an array

问题: So I have these checkboxes:所以我有这些复选框: <input type="checkbox" name="type" value="4" /> <input type="checkbox" name="type" value="3" /> <input type="checkbox" nam...

昨天 03:40
为什么 Java 集合的删除方法不是通用的? - Why aren't Java Collections remove methods generic?

问题: Why isn't Collection.remove(Object o) generic?为什么Collection.remove(Object o)不是通用的? Seems like Collection<E> could have boolean remove(E o);似乎Collection<E>可以有...

昨天 03:34
如何修改Homebrew的PATH? - How to modify PATH for Homebrew?

问题: Trying to install ruby 1.9.3, read that I need to install homebrew first. 尝试安装ruby 1.9.3,请阅读我需要先安装自制软件。 Ran brew doctor, and it's giving me a bunch of...

Java中的函数指针 - Function Pointers in Java

问题: This may be something common and trivial, but I seem to be having trouble finding a concrete answer. 这可能是常见且琐碎的事情,但我似乎很难找到具体答案。 In C# there is a...

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如何从github获取gem的特定“提交”? - How to get a specific “commit” of a gem from github?

问题: I'm using rails_admin , and since it is in (very) active development, bugs turn up every now and then. 我正在使用rails_admin ,因为它处于(非常)活跃的开发中,所以偶尔会出...