2018/12/09 20:07
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The Spanish case provides arguments both for and against monarchy.

It's no surprise that Jenifer Senior's insightful, provocative magazine cover story is arousing much chatter.

Nothing gets people talking like the suggestion that child rearing is anything less than a completely fulfilling, life-enriching experience.

The conventional view that education should be one of the very highest priorities for promoting rapid economic development in poor countries is wrong.

Voices now com from many quarters insisting that the science about global warming is incomplete, that it's OK to keep pouring fumes into the air until we know for sure.

The question of GDP and its usefulness has annoyed policymakers for over half a century.

But keeping sensitive information on these devices is increasingly a requirement of normal life.

For several decades America's colleges and universities has produced graduates who don't know the content and character of liberal education and are thus deprived of its benefits.

In a society that so persistently celebrates procreation, is it any wonder that admitting you regret having children is equivalent to admitting you support kitten-killing?

Of all the changes that have taken place in English-language newspapers during the past quarter-century, perhaps the most far-reaching has been the inexorable decline in the scope and seriousness of their arts coverage.

It is difficult to the point of impossibility for the average reader under the age of forty to imagine a time when high-quality arts criticism could be found in most big-city newspapers.

Today the messages the average Westerner is surrounded with are not religious but commercial, and forever happy.

Part of the issue is that the government did not anticipate the steep increase in airline travel, so the TSA is now rushing to get new screeners on the line.

Just how much does the Constitution protect your digital data?

On first hearing, this was the socially concerned chancellor, trying to change lives for the better, complete with "reforms" to an obviously indulgent system that demands too little effort from the newly unemployed to find work, and subsidizes laziness.

The most glaring flaw of the social cure as it's presented here is that it doesn't work very well for very long.

The conflict has been surfacing since 2002, when the corporation bought Vermont's only nuclear power plant, an aging reactor in Vernon.

It's hard to imagine that many people are dumb enough to want children just because Reese and Angelina make it look so glamorous.

Some researchers have come up with the finding that influentials have far less impact on social epidemics than is generally supposed.

But most women today are coping with a lot of obligations, with few breaks, and feeling the strain.

The mystery is that this should come as a surprise to any boss.

The reason, of course, is that costs have rocketed and ticket prices have stayed low.

Yet this isn't the case with all countries.

If you examine the European national youth teams that feed the World Cup and professional ranks, you would find this strange phenomenon to be even more pronounced.

Clearly, intelligence encompasses more than a score on a test.

Many folks see silver linings to this slowdown.

The widespread availability of such recordings has thus brought about a crisis in the institution of the traditional classical concert.

The mass media, advertising and sports are other forces for homogenization.

Relying on ethical persuasion rather than law to address the misuse of body ideals may be the best step.

Even better would be to help elevate notions of beauty beyond the material standards of a particular industry.

The clear message is that we should get moving to protect ourselves.

Science's idea to pass some papers to statisticians "has some merit, but a weakness is that it relies on the board of reviewing editors to identify [the papers that need scrutiny] in the first place".

But on the general effectiveness of social cure, Rosenberg is less persuasive.

It usually leads to no good — drinking, drugs and casual sex. But in her new book Join the Club, Tina Rosenberg contends that peer pressure can also be a positive force through what she calls the social cure.

Devoted concertgoers who reply that recordings are no substitute for live performance are missing the point.

The idea is intuitively compelling, but it doesn't explain how ideas actually spread.

This increasingly high level of education is probably a necessary, but not a sufficient, condition for the complex political systems required by advanced economic performance.

So, does the Spanish crisis suggest that monarchy is seeing its last days?

The financial fallout has begun, and the political fallout may not be far behind.

A bill by Democratic Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia, which would offer financial incentives for private industry, is a promising start.

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