无法复制 ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub - Unable to copy ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub

问题: I'm following in Generating SSH Keys , it says我正在关注Generating SSH Keys ,它说 sudo apt-get install xclip Downloads and installs xclip.下载并安装 xclip。 If you don't...

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跨源读取阻塞 (CORB) - Cross-Origin Read Blocking (CORB)

问题: I have called third party API using Jquery AJAX.我使用 Jquery AJAX 调用了第三方 API。 I am getting following error in console:我在控制台中收到以下错误: Cross-Origin Rea...

使用 Mockito 时模拟和间谍有什么区别? - What is the difference between mocking and spying when using Mockito?

问题: What would be a use case for a use of a Mockito spy?使用 Mockito 间谍的用例是什么? It seems to me that every spy use case can be handled with a mock, using callRealMetho...

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Django-DB-Migrations: cannot ALTER TABLE because it has pending trigger events

问题: I want to remove null=True from a TextField:我想从 TextField 中删除 null=True: - footer=models.TextField(null=True, blank=True) + footer=models.TextField(blank=True, def...

今天 12:06
express throws error as `body-parser deprecated undefined extended`

问题: In my node app, I am using express.在我的节点应用程序中,我使用的是 express。 all works fine, But i am getting error in the cmd .一切正常,但我在cmd出现错误。 I use all ...

今天 10:46
如何将 .py 转换为 Python 的 .exe? - How can I convert a .py to .exe for Python?

问题: I'm trying to convert a fairly simple Python program to an executable and couldn't find what I was looking for, so I have a few questions (I'm running Python 3.6):我正在尝...

Boto3 Error: botocore.exceptions.NoCredentialsError: Unable to locate credentials

问题: When I simply run the following code, I always gets this error.当我简单地运行以下代码时,我总是收到此错误。 s3 = boto3.resource('s3') bucket_name = "python-sdk-sample-%s"...

今天 09:44
优化“while(1);” 在 C++0x - Optimizing away a “while(1);” in C++0x

问题: Updated, see below!已更新,见下文! I have heard and read that C++0x allows an compiler to print "Hello" for the following snippet我听说并读过 C++0x 允许编译器为以下代码段...

无法安装 RMagick 2.13.1。 找不到 MagickWand.h。 - Can't install RMagick 2.13.1. Can't find MagickWand.h.

问题: When I try do install rmagick I get the following error message:当我尝试安装 rmagick 时,我收到以下错误消息: Can't install RMagick 2.13.1. Can't find MagickWand.h. *** e...

使用用户定义的类键入提示 - Type hints with user defined classes

问题: Couldn't seem to find a definitive answer.似乎找不到确切的答案。 I want to do a type hint for a function and the type being some custom class that I have defined, called...

今天 08:42
为什么 Double.NaN==Double.NaN 返回 false? - Why does Double.NaN==Double.NaN return false?

问题: I was just studying OCPJP questions and I found this strange code:我只是在研究 OCPJP 问题,我发现了这个奇怪的代码: public static void main(String a[]) { System.out.print...

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如何使用 git 切换回“master”? - How to switch back to 'master' with git?

问题: I have made my first commit;我已经做出了我的第一次承诺; then created a branch (let's say branch1).然后创建了一个分支(假设分支 1)。 In this branch I've created a direct...

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在当今时代,是否有正当理由在代码文件中强制执行最大宽度为 80 个字符? [关闭]

问题: As it currently stands, this question is not a good fit for our Q&A format. 就目前而言,这个问题不适合我们的问答形式。 We expect answers to be supported by facts, refere...

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Variable used in lambda expression should be final or effectively final

问题: Variable used in lambda expression should be final or effectively final lambda 表达式中使用的变量应该是 final 或有效 final When I try to use calTz it is showing this err...

今天 04:57
C中的正则表达式:例子? - Regular expressions in C: examples?

问题: 我正在研究如何在ANSI C中使用正则表达式的一些简单示例和最佳实践man regex.h没有提供那么多帮助。 解决方案: 参考:https://stackoom.com/en/question/4YHL......

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How can I close a Twitter Bootstrap popover with a click from anywhere (else) on the page?

问题: I'm currently using popovers with Twitter Bootstrap, initiated like this:我目前正在使用带有 Twitter Bootstrap 的弹出框,如下所示: $('.popup-marker').popover({ html: tru...

react-router 返回一个页面 你如何配置历史? - react-router go back a page how do you configure history?

问题: Can anyone please tell me how I can go back to the previous page rather than a specific route?谁能告诉我如何返回上一页而不是特定路线? When using this code:使用此代码时:...

如何在 TypeScript 中定义单例 - How to define Singleton in TypeScript

问题: What is the best and most convenient way to implement a Singleton pattern for a class in TypeScript?在 TypeScript 中为类实现单例模式的最佳和最方便的方法是什么? (Both wi...

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将 R.drawable ID 存储在 XML 数组中 - Storing R.drawable IDs in XML array

问题: I would like to store drawable resources' ID in the form of R.drawable.* inside an array using an XML values file, and then retrieve the array in my activity.我想使用 XM...

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如何在 Rails 中防止浏览器页面缓存 - How to prevent browser page caching in Rails

问题: Ubuntu -> Apache -> Phusion Passenger -> Rails 2.3 Ubuntu -> Apache -> Phusion 乘客 -> Rails 2.3 The main part of my site reacts to your clicks.我网站的主要部分会对您的点...