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2023/08/06 21:00
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Over the years of working on the front end, you may have had these confusions:


Is the front end dead or not? Is low-code/no-code a cancer in the industry? With the rise of AI, what does the future hold for front-end engineers? And how will the back end meet the new challenges?What other practices do we have?

前端到底死了没?低代码/无代码是否是行业的毒瘤?随着 AI 的崛起,前端工程师的未来将何去何从?而后端又将如何迎接新的挑战?我们还有哪些实践?

In order to help Chinese developers, technology products and technology companies "go global" and establish overseas influence, AGI Early Chat, KCC Singapore, jointly held an online AI conference "Night Of AI".

为帮助中国开发者、技术产品、技术公司“走出去”,建立海外影响力,AGI 早早聊、KCC@新加坡、AO . 傲空间⼀起联合举办了一场线上 AI 大会「Night Of AI」

Let's take a closer look at the latest progress and applications of AI to broaden the research field of intelligent technology.

让我们⼀起深⼊了解 AI 的最新进展和应用,开阔智能科技研究领域。

You will learn a lot in this event, welcome interested friends to sign up!




2023.8.12 19:00 - 21:00

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  • For AI enthusiasts, researchers, you will join us to explore the extraordinary capabilities of the large language model GPT-4, especially breakthroughs in natural language understanding and generation. For the privacy issues of ChatGPT, we will provide some solutions to create private ChatGPT to interact with local documents to ensure data security;

    对于 AI 爱好者、研究者,你将和我们⼀起探讨大型语言模型 GPT-4 的非凡能力,特别是在自然语言理解和生成方面的突破。对于 ChatGPT 的隐私问题,我们将会提供一些解决方案来创建私密 ChatGPT 与本地文档交互来保障数据安全;

  • For researchers, you will use AI with us for operating system performance tuning practices;

    对于研究人员,你将和我们⼀起使用 AI 进行操作系统性能调优的实践;

  • For developers, you'll learn "Is the front end dead?" and "Is low-code, no-code cancer in the industry?" ”

    对于开发者,你将了解 “前端到底死了没?”以及“低代码、无代码是否是行业的毒瘤?”

  1. Opportunities for developers, especially front-end engineers in AI

    开发者(尤其是前端⼯程师)在 AI 中的机会

  2. How to tune your Turning system

     如何进行 Turning 系统调优

  3. How to create a custom chatbot using LLM

    如何使用 LLM 创建自定义 Chatbot

The Front-End of Schrodinger

Ukyo   Senior Tech Expert

  • Ukyo is a developer with 16 years of experience.

  • He has experienced back-end development, front-end development, and technical architecture.

  • He's been struggling with AI lately.

  • Now, he wants to share with us whether the front-end is dead or not? Is low code, no code a cancer in the industry? AI is here, what about the future of the front-end? How's the back end?

  • He is currently working on AI Applications|APaaS|DB|Data structures and algorithms|Distributed systems|AIGC|GPT| Low/NoCode|AGI

A-Tune: Practice on Using AI for Operating System Performance Tuning

Wang Jianmin @ISCAS - Senior Software Engineer

  • Wang Jianmin, a software engineer from ISCAS in China with over a decade's experience on Operating System, servers as one member of openEuler TC and initiated the student-focused Summer-OSPP project.

  • He is currently working on|Cloud Native|AI|Safeguarding Personal Data Ownership

How to Build an AI Chatbot With Custom Knowledge Base Using Open Source LLM

Max Tech manager

  • Large language models (LLMs) like GPT-4 have gained significant attention due to their incredible capabilities in natural language understanding and generation.

  • As much as ChatGPT is convenient, it has its tradeoffs. The fact that it requires you to send your data over the internet can be a concern when it comes to privacy, especially if you're using confidential documents.

  • For enterprises with high data security requirements, local LLM models will be used to ensure data security.In this session, we will explore how to create a private ChatGPT that interacts with local documents without having to rely on OpenAI's servers.

KCC@Singapore, founded on July 20, 2023, is the first step in the open source community's global strategy. Our mission is to empower developers to embrace and contribute to open source.

Through partnerships with universities, tech companies, and government departments, we aim to promote open source adoption in Singapore's digital economy. Working closely with local open source communities and forging global connections, we amplify the voice of Chinese open source. Together, we empower open source for a brighter digital future. is a solution that focuses on protecting the security and privacy of personal data. Through end-to-end encryption, device-based authentication and other technologies, users are fully in control of their personal accounts and data. At the same time, it adopts platform transparent forwarding, point-to-point acceleration, LAN direct connection and other technologies to allow users to access personal data quickly anytime, anywhere. uses PWA (Progressive Web App) and cloud native technology to design and build an integrated front-end and back-end application ecosystem.

The team belongs to the Intelligent Software Research Center of the Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Zaotalk is a technical community that hosts more than 20 technical conferences each year, covering topics such as low-code, no-code build, CICD, interactive technology, WebGL, visualization, Serverless, monitoring, micro-front-end, componencification, BFF, Node.js,  etc. The goal is to provide application-level developers with a wide variety of industry and community technology solutions.

Zaotalk have two brands:

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开源社成立于 2014 年,是由志愿贡献于开源事业的个人成员,依 “贡献、共识、共治” 原则所组成,始终维持厂商中立、公益、非营利的特点,是最早以 “开源治理、国际接轨、社区发展、项目孵化” 为使命的开源社区联合体。开源社积极与支持开源的社区、企业以及政府相关单位紧密合作,以 “立足中国、贡献全球” 为愿景,旨在共创健康可持续发展的开源生态,推动中国开源社区成为全球开源体系的积极参与及贡献者。

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