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移动开发云端新模式探索实践 >>>   

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Java Technical Lead (J2EE)

Job Responsibilities:
Oracle ATS is moving to Oracle Cloud. 
We're looking for technically-strong and motivated individual contributor who will work on building multi-tiered, service oriented next generation Oracle ATS proucts on Oracle Cloud. 
He or she need to be a team player, working with engineers from US, India and China. 
He or she still need to have ability to continuous bug fix and maintain current OLT/OTM/OFB products.
Job Requirements:
BS/MS in Computer Science or related field
Working knowledge of J2EE technologies and multi-tiered web applications
Experience with REST/SOAP Webservices, preferred working experience building cloud SAAS software using service oriented architecture
Working experience on database and SQL, preferred Oracle DB and PL/SQL
Excellent analytical and problem solving skills and ability to learn new technologies quickly
Preferred Additional Skills:
Complex troubleshooting skills including Thread dump/ heap dump analysis, performance benchmarking and tuning of Java/J2EE Applications 
Understanding of micro services architecture and Docker infrastructure
Experience and/or knowledge in open source development
front-end experiences using any popular JavaScript framework
Preferred has project/team leader experience
Working experience on software demo, design training material and deliver technical training is also preferred
Working experience on one of the following technical area is preferred:
1. Eclipse plug-in/RCP development 
2. Browser extension development(Firefox,Chrome,Edge)
3. Oracle ADF/Oracle JET technology


Java Technical lead (Big Data)

- Work as part of a global product team developing new capabilities for the data analytics solutions for Oracle Analytics Cloud products. 
- Participate in all aspects of software development: definition, design, implementation, testing, documentation, delivery etc. 
- Work with other development teams, product management and UX resources in agile, iterative design and development.
- Develop and execute software tests and debugging routines. 
- Enhance, modify, and fix defects in existing software modules. 
- Contribute to planning and estimation activities. 
Ideal Qualifications 
- BS/MS in Computer Science or related major 
- Solid knowledge of Data Structures, Algorithm, Object-Oriented Analysis and Design and other core Computer Science areas 
- Strong hands-on Java & J2EE programming skills 
- Experienced in distributed and scalable server-side software development 
- Experienced in C++ programming is a plus 
- Experienced in Big Data technologies (such as Hadoop, Spark) is a plus 
- Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English 
- Self-motivated and passionate in developing high quality software 
- Good team player



1. 三年以上Java开发经验,具备一定的设计经验;
2. 熟练使用主流开源框架,如Spring,Struts,Mybatis,Hibernate等;
3. 熟悉Oracle DB、PostgreSql、MS Sql server数据库等,具有数据库设计和SQL优化能力;
4. 熟悉分布式系统开发,有使用分布式Redis,memcache,消息,队列等机制提升系统吞吐量的优化设计经验;
5. 精通网络编程和多线程编程,有消息中间件(ActiveMQ,RabbitMQ,Kafka等)的使用经验;
6. 熟悉Maven、Ivy、Pafa5、Dubbo、MangoDB、Javascript、Esb;
7. 熟悉Linux/Unix命令,具备一定的Shell编程能力;
8. 有云计算或大数据相关经验者优先;
9. 具有金融行业相关经验。


Firmware QA Lead

Essential Functions: 
Firmware quality assurance. The main responsibilities include: 
- Review design specifications and write test plans, create/improve/automate test cases 
- Execute test cases, analyze test results, file bugs, verify bug fixes, and provide test reports. 
- Coordinate with other engineering teams to reproduce and debug issues. 
- Improve test tools, environment, process, effectiveness, and efficiency 
Qualifications required: 
- BS degree or higher in CS/CE/EE 
- 5+ years of relevant working experience in x86 system firmware black box/white box testing
- Extensive knowledge of BIOS/BMC(ILOM) testing and experience with Linux/Solaris/Windows
- Excellent analytical and problem solving skills with a track record in finding critical bugs
- Proficient in automating test cases using programming languages such as C, Java, perl/tcl/Python, and shell script
- A proactive and responsible team player with excellent communication skills in both Chinese and English 
Preferred Knowledge:
- Knowledge of x86 server architecture, Intel processors, I/O protocols and devices, IPMI specification, I2C protocol
- Familiar with network and IT technology and hands-on experience with taking a system apart and reassembling


Embedded Linux Development Lead

- Design and develop new features for Oracle server management system (ILOM) to improve the management capability and diagnosability.
- Implement specific customizations in ILOM for X86 servers.
- Triage, evaluate and debug internal and external escalations, root-cause and provide fix in ILOM, release new software version.
- Support manufacturing and the field in applications of the service processor to reduce manufacturing and service costs.
- Reviewing hardware designs.
- Experienced in C and script language programming.
- Experienced in developing and debugging Embedded Linux driver and application.
- Broad knowledge in ARM architectures, Linux kernel, uboot and networking. 
- Knowledge in server management and associated protocols ( IPMI, KCS, SNMP,I2C and USB).
- Being familiar with software development process, debugging tools and methodology in embedded Linux system.
- Good communication skills and team working.
- Self motivated in study and work.
- X86 architectures, BIOS and operating systems.
- Intel Xeon processors and associated chipsets.
- 6 years or more working experience
- BS or MS in CS,CE or EE.

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