ArangoDB 3.2 Beta 版本发布,3项新特性为独家所有!

2017/06/19 20:18
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  • 融合 RocksDB 存储引擎

  • Pregel 分布式图形处理

  • 有容错机制的 Foxx 在集群模式下根据您的需求进行数据库扩展

  • Geo_cursor , get documents sorted by distance to a certain point in space

  • Arangoexport, 数据导出

  • SatelliteCollections

  • 加强版 LDAP

  • 闲时数据加密

Get ArangoDB 3.2 beta here

Find ArangoDB on Github

1. RocksDB 插件式存储引擎的优势: 


  • Document-level locks: performance boost for write intensive applications. Writes don’t block reads, and reads don’t block writes

  • Support for large datasets: go beyond the limit of main memory and stay performant

  • Persistent indexes: faster index build after restart

Check out the step by step guide to compare both storage engines for your use case and OS!

2. Pregel 分布式图形处理,您可以使用已有的很多著名的图形算法:

  • PageRank

  • Weakly Connected Components

  • Strongly Connected Components

  • HITS (hubs and authorities)

  • Single-Source Shortest Path

  • Community Detection via Label Propagation

  • Vertex Centrality measure

distributed graph processing with Pregel

3. 容错机制的 Foxx: 非常可爱的小狐狸 :)

The Foxx management internals has been rewritten from the ground up to make sure multi-coordinator cluster setups always keep their services in sync and new coordinators are fully initialized even when all existing coordinators are unavailable.

new fully documented REST API for managing Foxx services


4.  Geo_cursor:

Get documents sorted by the distance to a certain point in space. You can also apply filters and limits to geo_cursor.


5.  Arango 数据导出:

Export data as JSON, JSONL and even graphs as XGMML for visualization in Cytoscape. You can find details in the Alpha2 release post.


6. 企业级版本更高的安全性和可扩展性:

  • Enhanced Authorisation with LDAP

  • Encryption at Rest

  • Satellite Collections ,with SatelliteCollections you can define collections to shard to a cluster and collections to replicate to each machine.  take it for a spin

Download ArangoDB 3.2 beta Community




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