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2017/05/12 11:47
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GSS Delivery Specialist for Pentaho /Big Data

Location: China, BJ/SH/Shenzhen

To support Pentaho solution architecting process, providing pre-sales & post-sales technical expertise and implementation skill in the practice area



·         Provide in the installation, configuration and documentation of HDS Pentaho solutions

·         Supporting and designing the ETL procedure with Pentaho solution based on the customer's business and technical requirements

·         Establish a dialogue with the customer to achieve trusted technical adviser, to assist business or data expert on data modeling and analysis with Pentaho

·         Customized user interface development using Pentaho and necessary development languages

·         Provide technical expertise to gather requirements from the customer

·         Identify and explain benefits of the Pentaho solution to customer technical and business personnel

·         Identify opportunities and communicate them to manager and account teams

·         Develop deep expertise on HDS Pentaho solution and emerging technologies in the relevant practice area

·         By request, accompany Account Managers and other members of sales teams on customer visits to:

o    Gather customer requirements

o    Increase services sales

o    Explain the services portfolio of the practice and its value to customers

o    Qualify services opportunities in the practice area and assist Account Managers in selecting the appropriate service to meet their customer's needs

·         Agree deliverables and timescales with the project manager, and deliver in accordance with this agreement

·         Identify potential issues preventing the successful delivery of services or solutions and inform the Project Manager appropriately

·         Participate in skills development and maintenance planning

·         Make appropriate use of Solutions and Services tools

·         Prepare and distribute White Papers relating to engagements

·         Participate in account planning and territory reviews as requested

·         Comply with HDS policies and guidelines

·         Perform other duties as required or directed by manager 



·         Bachelor degree or above on Computer Science, Applied Mathematics or related majors

·         At least 2~3 years’ experience with track record of success in BI consulting, solutions design and delivery

·         Basic customized development experience of BI tools or solutions (Pentaho, Cognos, etc.)

·         Good knowledge of BigData & Machine learning theories & technologies, familiar with data processing & analysis methodology, proven experience in ETL solutions and services

·         An understanding of the market conditions and requirements in the practice specialty area

·         Practical 'hands on' experience of the delivery of practice-related services, knowledge of the techniques, sensitivities, and issues that arise. Knowledge of IT development processes and IT technologies

·         Good knowledge and experience on Python, Java, SQL programing

·         Positive, open mind to cope with challenging situation. Good communication with internal (Sales/Pre-sales/Team Member) and external (customers and partners). Good Presentation skill.


·         负责HDS Pentaho解决方案的安装实施工作

·         根据客户的业务及技术需求,运用Pentaho解决方案设计或支持客户的ETL流程

·         通过与客户良好沟通,树立起可信任的技术专家的形象,利用Pentaho, 协助客户的业务及数据专家进行数据建模和分析

·         在Pentaho的基础上定制化开发用户的使用界面

·         从技术角度,收集客户需求,识别业务机会,并将结果反馈给销售和部门经理

·         深入研究HDS Pentaho以及技术发展动向,发现Pentaho的应用场景

·         参与销售的客户拜访获得

o    收集客户需求

o    向客户介绍HDS解决方案和服务的价值

o    分析客户具体需求,识别商业机会,设计适宜的服务去满足客户需求

·         与项目经理合作,定义项目交付物和时间计划,并按照计划实施项目

·         实施过程中,识别潜在风险,确保项目顺利达成预定目标

·         参与公司关于Pentaho方面技能的拓展,承担该方案的推广工作

·         遵从HDS公司政策,承担由经理分配的其他工作



·         本科及以上学历,专业为计算机,应用数学或相关专业

·         至少2~3年BI领域的咨询,方案设计和实施经验

·         了解业界常用的BI解决方案(Pentaho, Cogons等),有在这些BI解决方案至上做定制化开发的经验

·         对于大数据/机器学习的理论与技术有良好理解,熟悉数据处理和分析的方法论,对于ETL有深入了解并由实际经验

·         了解市场环境和要求,对于Pentaho解决方案的应用场景有清晰定位

·         具有相关领域的实际项目交付经验,对于技术敏感

·         对于Python, Java, SQL的编程具有深入理解和实际经验

·         积极乐观,对于挑战抱有开放心态,具有与良好的内外部沟通能力(销售/售前工程师/团队成员/客户/合作伙伴)。

·         具有良好的演讲能力


Kally Qiao
Talent Acquisition China, Beijing

Hitachi Data Systems


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