AI-Thinker AI Light / Noduino OpenLight
AI-Thinker AI Light / Noduino OpenLight
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AI-Thinker AI Light / Noduino OpenLight
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Manufacturer AI Thinker / Noduino
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Build flag AI_LIGHT

  The AI Light is a ESP8255 (?) bulb light with 8 high power white LEDs, 6 red LEDs, 4 green LEDs and 4 blue LEDs driven by an My-Semi MY9291 LED driver. The bulb itself comes unbranded but the user manual (only in chinese) says clearly "Ai Light" with the AI-Thinker logo. It's the same Noduino OpenLight bulb at JackLabs (Noduino, Maike Labs, ICamGo) designed by Jack Tan (comcat @ github).


AI Light是一款ESP8255(?)灯泡,带有8个高功率白光LED,6个红色LED,4个绿色LED和4个蓝色LED,由My-Semi MY9291 LED驱动器驱动。 灯泡本身没有品牌,但用户手册(仅中文)用AI-Thinker标志清楚地表示“Ai Light”。 这和Jack Tan(comcat @ github)设计的JackLabs(Noduino,Maike Labs,ICamGo)的Noduino OpenLight灯泡一样。


Pop out the bulb head to access the PCB. It's actually 2 PCBs, and outer one with the LEDs and an inner one with the microcontroller and led driver. There are 5 pads labelled with everything you need to flash the ESP on board: 3V3, GND, TX, RX and IO0.

It might seem hard but it's not. Get a 5 wire cable and remove 1-2mm of insulation from the wires, tin them a bit. Apply a hot wire on the pads and leave a small drop of tin on them too. Then just touch each wire with a pad and heat them together for less than a second.

Connect the wires to you FTDI (or alike) board. TX to RX and RX to TX. Connect GND and IO0 to ground and finally 3V3. Once you plug your programmer to the computer the board will boot into flash mode. While you are flashing it you can remove the IO0 connection. Upon reboot it will enter normal mode and you should see the debug messages in the screen.

取下灯泡头以访问PCB。 它实际上有2个PCB,外边是一个LED,里边那个带有微控制器和LED驱动器。 有5个焊点是你烧录ESP板所需的:3V3,GND,TX,RX和IO0。

这可能看起来很难,其实不难。 取一根5线电缆,从导线上取下1-2mm的绝缘层,焊上一点锡。 在焊盘上涂一条热丝,并留下一小滴锡。 然后把每根线贴到焊点上,并将其加热不到一秒钟。

将电线连接到FTDI(或类似的)板上。 TX到RX,RX到TX。 将GND和IO0连接到地,最后连接3V3。 将烧录器插入计算机后,电路板将启动到烧录模式。 当您正在烧录时,您可以删除IO0连接。 重新启动后,它将进入正常模式,您应该在屏幕中看到调试消息。


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