ansible authentication-options for windows
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ansible authentication-options for windows
zzimac 发表于7个月前
ansible authentication-options for windows
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Windows: How Does It Work

As you may have already read, Ansible manages Linux/Unix machines using SSH by default.

Starting in version 1.7, Ansible also contains support for managing Windows machines. This uses native PowerShell remoting, rather than SSH.

Ansible will still be run from a Linux control machine, and uses the “winrm” Python module to talk to remote hosts. While not supported by Microsoft or Ansible, this Linux control machine can be a Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) bash shell.

No additional software needs to be installed on the remote machines for Ansible to manage them, it still maintains the agentless properties that make it popular on Linux/Unix.

Note that it is expected you have a basic understanding of Ansible prior to jumping into this section, so if you haven’t written a Linux playbook first, it might be worthwhile to dig in there first.

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