the four seasons to go to Guilin
the four seasons to go to Guilin
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the four seasons to go to Guilin
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Periodic Weather and to Group
Spring (March–May): Spring may be the beginning of the wet season (April to July) in Guilin. The weather will be humid together with changeable, quickly transitioning through cool in order to hot. Get ready warm jackets and knitted garments in your group. A light rainfall coat or perhaps umbrella can also be necessary.

Summer time (June–August): Guilin's summer is usually hot and wet. Tshirts and pants are adequate. Take a good umbrella in the event of rain. Glasses, hat, long-sleeve shirt, as well as sun lotion may be required to protect through the powerful sun.

Fall (September–November): Autumn in Guilin is happily mild and also dry. Keep in mind the big distinction in temperatures between night and day. Prepare a hat, sweaters, lengthy shirts along with pants. Local people consider the weather conditions dry plenty of to need lip solution.

Winter (December–February): Guilin winter seasons rarely possess snow, other than on the higher mountains, similar to Longsheng, however it feels cold with the wetness. It's at the same time damp in addition to chilly or maybe warm/cool plus dry. The down sweater or heavyweight coat, along with energy underwear, is required on a number of days for prevention of the chilly.

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