Lakers' dilemma: Search for a superstar or keep it together?

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<p>“This was definitely unexpected,” O’Neal told his “Inside the NBA” colleagues on Thursday night, prior to the TNT-televised tilt between the Heat and Los Angeles Lakers — another of Shaq’s former teams, who retired his No. 34 at Staples Center back in 2013 — at which the retirement would be taking place. “I was here for a short time.”</p>
<p>The Lakers would be selling low, anyway. Their young guys might be considered more unproven than intriguing, though opinions about them among rival front offices are all over the place. Some executives would trade Ingram and Russell for Cousins today. Others consider that lunacy.</p> wholesale nhl jerseys
<p>One gloriously mint right shoe from a pair of Attitudes is displayed to this day in my home office on a shelf filled with CSUF artifacts.</p>
<p>Best of all: Russell is dangerous off the ball. He's shooting 46 percent on catch-and-shoot 3s, and he's always on his toes, bouncing into open patches of space. That's essential given both Russell's limitations and the presence of two other capable ball handlers: Randle and Brandon Ingram.</p>
<p>When Marbury began promoting the return of Starbury in 2015, he called out Michael Jordan, LeBron James and other sneaker icons for unfairly overpricing their products.</p>
<p>I'm sure if Shaq could go back he would end things a little different. It's just the way it is. Feelings get in the way. People say certain things they may not mean later.</p>
<p>&#8226; Shaq reflects on former teammate Walton</p>
<p>"You can't teach that feel," Walton said. "We feel very confidently about the player he is going to become."</p>wholesale NFL jerseys
<p>Things don't ease up as the Celtics return home Friday night with a visit from Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Christmas holiday sends them back on the road to New York to play the Knicks, and there's a visit to Cleveland soon after.</p>
<p>He changed the culture for the Heat. The organization was not a championship team until he got there. Obviously, it took a lot of other players as well to do it. He was the one who started the belief that we could really win a championship, when he brought his talents to South Beach. That's history. That's history for the organization forever, that 2006 championship. He was the catalyst of it. The rest of us did our jobs and our parts. Without him, other guys don't come. You're not making a trade for Gary Payton, Antoine Walker, James Posey and Jason Williams without Shaq being there. He was huge.</p>
<p>4. Nike Air Lambaste LowAndrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty ImagesI, like Kobe Bryant, will always prefer a soccer-style sneaker in a low cut over a high-top.</p>
<p>"We're not ourselves," Thomas said. "We need to be the Celtic team that I've been a part of the last year and a half."</p>Wholesale Miami Dolphins Jerseys
<p>Shaq would always rub my championship ring prior to every single start of the game. Telling me, "We're going to get one of those, Coach." He would shower a lot of the employees with gifts and things of that nature. I found him to be a person that people around here love. They love Shaq. It was a good time to be part of the Miami Heat.</p>
<p>This core may never grow into a good defense. Russell and Clarkson are flammable together, and if that persists, the Lakers will need to find another starting wing once Nick Young bolts. The Randle-Nance combo may not work over 25-plus minutes per game, though Walton is optimistic. "We can't use a steady diet of it now," Walton said. "But down the line, if those guys develop -- if they see the game well -- that can be a great lineup for us."</p>
<p>A veritable Christmas/Hanukkah/Festivus/Fill In Your Preferred Holiday gift unto itself.</p>
<p>But it seems fair to say Boston looks a lot more like the team that many projected before the season to push the Cavaliers in the East. There have been small glimpses of what this team is capable of, though the Celtics have rarely put together a full 48-minute effort even during this brief winning streak.</p>Wholesale NFL Jerseys
<p>I do remember that one particular regular-season game [in Dallas] that didn't go very well. We had a team meeting and they had a team meeting, and I think from that point on, I think we finished the season 22-10 or something like that.</p>
<p>Partly, it was about proving to the [Los Angeles] Lakers that he could win somewhere else. That he didn't need them to win. Also, it was about him fulfilling his promise to the city of Miami. It really was.</p>
<p>Just like it was prudent not to overreact to Boston's early struggles, these Celtics are trying not to get overly excited about this recent stretch.</p>
<p>There is a time where everybody's patience runs out. The championship was the major salve on the wound of many years of tough losses and injuries.</p>
<p>"He's trying to draw fouls," Walton said, "instead of just going up to finish."</p>
<p>Former center and current Heat V.P. Alonzo Mourning</p>
<p>Classic YMCA motion doesn't get you anywhere if defense can just switch every action. The Lakers might have antidotes for that, too. Russell and Jordan Clarkson are cagey enough to clown big men; Russell has been one of the deadliest one-on-one players in the league over the past two seasons, per Synergy Sports.</p>
<p>#NBArank All-Time KicksWe're counting down the greatest basketball kicks in shoe history. Check out our rankings and more. #NBArank All-Time Kicks</p>
<p>You're talking about one of the most dominant players in the history of the game. Even though we made some very good deals before that, but until then we never really had the opportunity to acquire a player of his stature. Global, domestic, league superstar, who is in his prime.</p>
<p>Things don't ease up as the Celtics return home Friday night with a visit from Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Christmas holiday sends them back on the road to New York to play the Knicks, and there's a visit to Cleveland soon after.</p>
<p>Finding collective flow will take years. Nance jokingly laments all shots he has to hoist after an L.A. guard dribbles for 10 seconds and hot-potatoes the ball to him with the shot clock running down. "Our guards love to hand me those grenades," he said.</p>
<p>That honor goes to my teenager, who was born six months too late to even witness MJ's final All-Star Game but who, for reasons I don't fully comprehend, has made it his middle school mission to study Jordan's career and year-by-year Nike lineage as if he's getting college credits for it.</p>


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