I am going thru the same

2016/12/20 15:51
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he says he loves me but just needs some time


I am going thru the same thing only I left before he could and now he is happy with my decision . He tells the kids we may get back to gether like he is the one calling the shots. At first I thought about letting him come ugg shoes sale back but if he does what are the odds that he will stay. I say be honest with yourself if you needed tiem away from your husband would you just leave and abandon him,I don think so. It is hard I know but you UGG BOOTS need to put you first and try try try to forget about the pain and if you want him to come back thats when he will when you let it go. Good luck and God bless.


omg darling r u in for a rough ride. He almost certainly has someone else who he thinks he is in love with and says he needs time so that he can try to decide whether to stay with you or go with her. If he loves you both, he will probably never be able to decide and will seesaw between both of you, potentially until she gets sick of it and ends it.


If you continue to be nice to him and leave the door open, he may come back, but he won be happy because when he back he will want to be with her and when he leaves you to be with her he still wont be happy!


This is a nightmare I have lived for the past 2 yrs and even though for most of that time I loved that man dearly and wanted him back, in the end I just had to stop doing it to myself and my 2 teenage children. It was painfully hard to move on but I had to because he was literally draining the life out of me whilst he was trying to find himself during his midlife crisis.


At some point you will have to make a Women Moncler decision for your own sanity maybe I should not have taken so long with mine. Good luck.


Mine didn leave physically, just emotionally. He had an affair that I discovered about 6 weeks into it. I insisted that he end it and we get counseling.


We discovered through counseling that we communicate differently, and we are now able to talk out our problems more effectively.


If he not there, then you can communicate with him. It not fair for him to just walk away from you and not give you the opportunity to fight for your marriage. Let him know that you respect his need for some time alone, but make a date to see each other once a week and catch up on thingskids, his work, your work, current events, whatever. Just the two of you; if you have kids, let them have their time alone with him, but you need to have your "date night". Meet on neutral gounds, like a coffee shop or restaurant, so neither of you is distracted by everyday life.


My husband credits me with saving our marriage, because I wasn about to just let all the time and emotion that I had invested in us just walk away. If you love him, fight for him!


Some of them come back especially when they told by their attorney how much a divorce is gonna cost Those midlife crises are always so much fun, until it hits in the wallet. Then the red porsche and 25yearold blonde hottie don look so great after all. Especially the moncler outlet thought of YOU, the woman who always had his back, raised his children, helped him get through medical/law school, build the business, getting her hands on all that luscious sweet MONEY. You want him back? Get a shark of an attorney and serve up papers to the effect that you want EVERYTHING. He will come running back to you to prevent that from happening.

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