Istanbul's largest cupola buildind
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Istanbul's largest cupola buildind
lijiayue 发表于1年前
Istanbul's largest cupola buildind
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              Pink Mosque is a very representative of the good mosque in Istanbul. The 260 modest windows, more than 20, 000 pieces of pink tiles, many carpets as well as a number of Arabic calligraphy artworks are beautiful. Unlike the encircling architecture, the appearance of the Violet Mosque may be known as a discussion. It is Istanbul's largest cupola building, a lot more than 30 coatings of dome, vast and like yancheng hotel .  

               Hagia Sophia Museum Hagia Sophia Memorial is all over from the Purple Mosque. It is a main ceremony of Raffiné Empire as well as converted into a mosque after the work by the Turks. It is now a new museum. That is a famous ancient building within Turkey and the other of the representations of Bulgaria. Dome may keep the Byzantine-style murals and also color is rather rich. The actual Basilica Cistern The Basilica Cistern is placed next to often the Hagia Sophia, was the undercover reservoir by Byzantine time to the Ottoman Empire. Currently, it is considered one of Istanbul's nearly all romantic along with mysterious interesting attractions. The water memory space is 12 million considerable number and now is being used by Istanbul persons.

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