Coderbunker techtalk: HTML5 Visual Components
Coderbunker techtalk: HTML5 Visual Components
AgoraSpace 发表于2年前
Coderbunker techtalk: HTML5 Visual Components
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移动开发云端新模式探索实践 >>>   

摘要: 深入研究前端编码的难题。探讨如何写出漂亮的HTML5/CSS3代码,以及如何创建可复用的响应式的组件来加速你的开发流程。Alex多年来一直致力于应对这些挑战,并且找到了正确的解决方案。


Tech Talk
- Initial motivation to create our own components library
- How we got started
- Key innovations: Responsiveness, Buttons, pure CSS icons, CSS spinner, image layouts, switch to flexbox, releases & bower
Blind alley - transition to JS components
- Current state of the project
- Summary & benefits

- 3 hours
- Build your own application with HTML5.
- Coderbunker Co-learning environment
- Fast internet and external monitor
- 3 facilitators.
- Using Online tutorial

About the speaker
Alex Duncan, Co-founder & Product Lead @
Alex taught himself design and the basics of programming while still in high school then went to study Zoology at university. After this he came to Shanghai where he has spent the past 10 years honing his design & development skills. His focus these days is on UX, but he still believes that good UX comes from a deep knowledge of how products are built.

- tech talk + lunch : 100 RMB
- tech talk + lunch + workshop: 200 RMB
- tech talk + lunch + workshop: 50 RMB ( special price for co-learners and members)
Purchase your ticket at: 


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