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Best Easy Tailgate Food CBS Pittsburgh

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Bill Fuller is the executive chef for the Big Burrito Restaurant Group, which wholesale nfl jerseys china includes upscale restaurants Eleven, Casbah, Soba and Umi as well as casual eateries Mad Mex and Kaya. Bill's has won numerous awards for is talents including Chef of the Year and Restaurateur of the Year from Pittsburgh wholesale nfl jerseys Magazine. Bill's restaurant menus offer a variety of locally farmed and sourced foods from Tex Mex to Asian to Contemporary cuisine. When he is not creating culinary delights, Bill is an active benefactor to the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank in its mission to help feed Pittsburgh and also spends time as an advisor for the culinary program at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

At least three hours before cooking (and preferably the day before), prepare the marinades and china cheap nfl jerseys marinate the wings.

Marinate wings by placing 3 pounds each in three large Ziploc baggies.

Add marinade and squish around with vigor and nfl jerseys china joy.

Allow to marinate quietly.

Fire up the grill.

If charcoal, allow to burn down past super hot. If gas, heat to medium.

Pull wings out of bags and place on grill. Be prepared for flare ups and sticking.

Close cover so the wings roast.

Cook wings on one side. Turn.

Pour remaining marinade over wings.

Close grill again.

When wings are done, dip and eat.

If desired, a second recipe of the marinades can be made and reserved for pouring over the finished wings.

Start this in the morning, as it needs to cook all day. Heavily season pork butt on all sides with thyme, paprika, salt and pepper. Don't worry, you won't overdo it.

Place in a roasting pan with the fat side up.

Place into pre heated 325 F oven.

Prepare slaw. Reserve.

Allow the pork to cook for about four hours.

Add cider and vinegar to pan.

Check at this point. The pork must cook until the bones pull gently out of the meat, completely clean. Remember, the pulled pork holds when done much better than if you try to push it at the end of the cooking.

Return pork to the oven.

When done, remove bones. If you are very fat sensitive, you can pour off the rendered fat floating on the juices in the pan and save it for making fried eggs.

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