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2015/04/21 14:10
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14 Wonderful Office Design Ideas

Let's start with the main headquarters of the grand daddy of all websites: Google.

The Google HQ office boasts a Cheap Jerseys From China very industrial appeal and for a huge company like that, perhaps an industrial interior is the way to go. What's interesting about Google HQ's interior though, is its mixture of wood furniture and industrial piping. To achieve the same appeal, you will need a wide office so the cubicles don't look as if they are crammed in an enclosed office room.

2. Make use of wide office windowsIf your office is located near wide windows, don't fret. Don't fear Michael Kors Outlet the sun, either. Many people find having an office near wide windows inconvenient but if you know how to redesign your office, you could make an interesting nook out of a Michael Kors Cheap bright, sunny area in the building.

It's actually a good thing to have sunlight in through your windows but make sure to install blinds or thick curtains to regulate the amount of sunlight.

Tip: A bright, sunny room means less lights and lamps will be used while you work. Isn't that convenient?

3. Cubicles can be very inconvenient, even if you are not claustrophobic.

Now, if you find your office located near the stairs of the building, don't worry about it either. There are bright things you can do to make use of such little space. For one, use a smaller table, de clutter your area often, and get space saving furniture.

Leg less tables suspended in the air wholesale jerseys china by heavy duty screws on one side? Triple check.

If you want an office that has all the makings of an Agatha Christie novel, feel free to experiment with unusual furniture or furniture that don't mix and match they almost look good when gathered in one room. Style is subjective and your office is your domain. Don't be afraid to decorate it depending on your tastes.

14. Ergonomic desks are perfect for any office, especially those located in small rooms or at home. The best thing about ergonomic desks, aside from giving you enough space for everything (it also doubles as a table and shelf), is that they safe space and help you maintain good posture as you work.

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