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Academic Policies

Transcript. Official transcripts for Oberlin students contain a record of all coursework completed at Oberlin College or while on an Oberlin sponsored program (The Danenberg Oberlin in London Program, PRESCHO, and Oberlin in Italy program). Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate credit, and credit from successful completion of approved liberal arts courses taken at a college while enrolled in high school will count toward courses/credits within the pre matriculation limit. Work transferred to Oberlin including that taken on an Academic Leave is recorded on the Oberlin transcript but grades Nike NFL Jerseys Cheap are neither recorded nor reflected Cheap NFL Jerseys in the GPA. Work completed on an Academic Leave does not count as post matriculation transfer credit as long as it satisfies the requirements listed in the section Academic Leave of Absence. are available from the Office of the Registrar upon receipt of a signed request from the student. Certain types of record holds may prevent the release of a transcript.

Enrollment. At the beginning of the semester, all students must confirm they have returned to campus by enrolling in the web based student record system (PRESTO). Enrollment is a separate process from course registration. Students who do not enroll by the deadline will be withdrawn. In order to enroll, students must first resolve any outstanding obligations, including an unpaid bill, an overdue library book, or a required meeting with a dean.

Enrollment Status. semester, a student may be:

enrolled and studying on campus;

enrolled and studying off campus in an approved Oberlin sponsored program or, under special circumstances, studying with an Oberlin faculty member (ENR);

on an approved leave:

Academic Leave of Absence (ALOA),

Personal Leave of Absence (PLOA),

Medical Leave of Absence (MLOA);

finishing away (FINA); or

withdrawn from the College.

Each of these is explained below. Specific academic policies apply to each status; please consult the appropriate sections of this catalog. requirements. and Part time Status.

A student enrolled in the bachelor of arts degree program must be registered for no fewer than three and one half courses/14 credits to qualify for official full time standing. Students in the College of Arts and Sciences who wish to register in any semester for part time status (fewer than three and one half courses/14 credits) or for more than four and one half courses/18 credits up to five and one half courses/22 credits must obtain permission in advance from the Office of the Dean of Studies. An overload fee will be charged for any courses/credits over five courses/20 credits; for further information regarding tuition and fees, see the Expenses Section this catalog. Normally, requests to register for part time status will Wholesale Jerseys only be considered from students entering their final semester. in the Conservatory who wish to register in any semester for part time status (fewer than 16 credits) or overload (more than 24 credits) must obtain permission in advance from the Office of the Conservatory Deans. Students in the Conservatory may register for 26 credits in any two semesters. in the double degree program who wish to register for part time status (fewer than 16 credits per semester) or overload (more than 26 credits per semester) must obtain permission in advance from the Office of the Conservatory Deans. Double majors with two areas of principal private study may register for 28 credits without additional cost. electing to take two areas of principal private study are charged at the per credit overload price for wholesalejerseybiz.us.com each credit above eight.

Full tuition is charged for all students unless permission to study on a part time basis or to take more than the maximum number of credits allowed is obtained. The semester tuition is based on the number of courses for which a student is registered at the end of the add/drop period for semester courses, which is the eighth class day of the semester. For further information regarding tuition and fees, see the Expenses Section this catalog.

Registration/Course Adjustments/Deadlines. Students register for courses at assigned registration times using the web based student record system (PRESTO). Registration takes place in November for the spring semester and in April for the fall semester. All on campus students are required to meet with their advisors before registering and are required to register during their scheduled registration time which is assigned by the total number of hours completed at Oberlin or earned since matriculating at Oberlin (on study away or as transfer work) and current registered hours. From this list, a limited number of course requests will be confirmed; new students complete the registration process on campus after meeting with their advisors just prior to the beginning of the fall semester. New students who matriculate at Oberlin in the spring semester register on campus prior to the beginning of the spring semester.

Students are responsible for making all changes to registration information by all published deadlines and will receive credit only in those courses for which they officially register or add.

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