Cloud AutoML: Making AI accessible to every business

When we both joined Google Cloud just over a year ago, we embarked on a mission to democratize AI. Our goal was to lower the barrier of entry and make AI available to the larges...

2018/01/19 13:22
MacOS Sierra安装nodejs

原来使用brew安装的,现在提示版本过低。 重新 brew install node,装了个9.4的。 但是运行 node -v,却始终是4.6的。 查找node的运行路径:which node 原来他妈的,藏在这里了:/opt/local/...


基于IPFS建立网站 A short guide to hosting your site on ipfs Adding your static website to ipfs is quite simple! Simply turn on your daemon: $ ipfs daemon And add the directory c...


Git与IPFS的联合使用 Git, even more distributed Have you ever said to yourself: "Man, my git server isn't distributed enough" or "I wish I had an easy way to serve a static git ...

2018/01/17 16:05
IPFS 开发指南

IPFS 开发指南 go-ipfs是IPFS目前最为完整的实现,其他语言的实现版本正在开发之中。 原文: IPFS implementation in Go IPFS is a global, versioned, peer...


使用IPFS播放视频 1、添加 添加视频文件到IPFS存储仓库: ipfs add -q sintel.mp4 | tail -n1 等待得到hash码,然后播放有几种方式: 2、播放 命令行,输入: ipfs cat $vidhash | mplayer ...

2018/01/17 15:39
IPFS 命令大全

IPFS 命令大全 IPFS是一个分布式的全球文件系统,详细介绍参见: generated on 2017-04-01 10:53:32.701039,最新变化

2018/01/17 14:54
Zcash + Ethereum = ♥: Why Two Blockchains Are Evolving Together

The blockchain world can feel unfriendly and uncollaborative at times, with supporters of competing technologies often criticizing each other professionally (and personally). Bu...

2018/01/17 10:24
It’s Reboot Time for “Operating Systems”

It’s Reboot Time for “Operating Systems” Thinking beyond programming languages Summary Note: This article is part of a larger series. In recent years, the software industry ...

2018/01/17 06:39
IPFS 快速入门

IPFS 快速入门 IPFS是基于对等模式的网络传输系统,类似于Git和BitTorrent的结合。 详细介绍参见: 开始 原文:

Raspberry Pi 安装 Go 语言

Raspberry Pi 安装 Go 语言 首先从 Go 语言官网(下载 Go 语言的 ARM64 构建: wget 或者对于A...

2018/01/15 21:19
How the Blockchain is Redefining Trust

Around the time when bitcoin and blockchains were starting to catch the attention of the mainstream investment world, a New York-based startup called Digital Asset Holdings (DAH...

Russia Proposes First Multinational Cryptocurrency

Expert Blog is Cointelegraph’s new series of articles by crypto industry leaders. It covers everything from Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies to ICO regulation and inv...

2018/01/15 13:44

Ethereum is more than the second fiddle to Bitcoin. While it’s not a heavy hitter when it comes to valuation – and it is unlikely ever to be – this popular cryptocurrency br...


Portainer容器管理软件,安装 原文来自: Portainer runs as a lightweight Docker container (the Docker image weights less than 4MB) on a Docker en...


如果建立了一个远程代码库,然后遇到了远程代码库源地址修改的问题,怎么办呢? 查看远程库源地址 #两种方法都是查看当前Git库源地址的 git remote -v git remote -version 修改当前的源地...

Docker for Mac 添加 Kubernetes dashboard

2018刚开始,Docker团队就献出了一份大礼:Docker for Mac 内置支持Kubernetes了,而且通过Edge版本的reset按钮,可以快速恢复原始安装状态,对于Docker和Kubernetes的开发简直是太方便了。...

The Google Brain Team — Looking Back on 2017 (Part 1 of 2)

The Google Brain Team — Looking Back on 2017 (Part 1 of 2) Thursday, January 11, 2018 Posted by Jeff Dean, Google Senior Fellow, on behalf of the entire Google Brain Team The G...