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Celery Best Practices

Author: Deni Bertovic | Content type: Article                  

Understanding the new messaging frameworks with virtual backends [Kombu]

Author: Supercoderz | Content type: Article                  

Scheduling Tasks Using Celery and Django

Author: Nick Lang | Content type: Article                  

Open graph and timeline sharing using Django Facebook

Author: Thierry Schellenbach | Content type: Article                  

Installing Stanford’s Class2Go Large-Scale Open Teaching Environment

Author: Dr. Chuck | Content type: Article                  

Instax - Making Celery monitoring easier

Author: Timothee Peignier | Content type: Library                  

Advanced Task Management in Celery (PyCon India 2012)

Author: Mahendra M | Content type: Slides                  

Python Celery Asynchronous Task Decorator

Author: Abd Allah Diab | Content type: Article                  

Celery for background task processing (Pycon India 2012)

Author: Piyush Kumar & Konark Modi | Content type: Slides                  

Using Celery with Social Networks

Author: David Gouldin | Content type: Video                  

Django, ZeroMQ and Celery: multiprocessing gotcha

Author: The Wild Wild Stack | Content type: Article                  

Celery + Python logging: problems and solutions

Author: Amit Kumar Saha | Content type: Article                  

Creating a nested (chained) queue in Celery

Author: inTime Labs | Content type: Article                  

Crawler en Celery, Python y Django

Author: Arturo Jamaica | Content type: Video                  

DJCelery Integración con el admin Panel

Author: Arturo Jamaica | Content type: Video              

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