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2016/05/07 18:03
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Lately, I am going to handle a project about building a search engine for whole macau's information data. And I hope doing the research first, and here is my note.

Why and When We Need A Search Engine?

Actually, I just imagined the Google,Baidu when I heard this word. But why we need it? Database is good enougth for me in my before works. [https://lucidworks.com/blog/2009/09/02/full-text-search-engines-vs-dbms/] this article explores the benefits of a full text search engine in comparison in a database.

These full-text search capabilities of the best systems can be summarized as follows:

  1. Sub-second search results indicating which documents out of possibly millions or billions contain one or more terms (a word, number, etc.) in the user’s search. This includes good search of all text fields, and somewhat more limited capabilities for searching non-text data. This may also include efficient faceting or categorizing of content or search results based on specific values of specific fields.

  2. Rich and flexible text query tools and sophisticated ranking capabilities to find the best documents/records.

  3. Basic capabilities for adding, deleting or updating documents/records.

  4. Basic capabilities for storing the data (and not simply indexing and searching it). Not all full text search systems support this capability but most do, including Lucene/Solr.

  5. Limited capabilities for searching and manipulating data that actually represents different record types


So far,  I have set up a search engine by solr. After the experiment, we can see that the search engine has great potential replace the Database search. So in the fulture work, I will begin to study for the search engine and write down the note.

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