The office information management system

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Office automation system, including the range of all kinds of software and data.The portfolio may include database units and functional areas from a number of organizations and individual database.Some system design makes the work requirements and employment conditions were involved, part of the workers can be performed in the form of coercion and fixed.Other systems can be mechanized perform user options, free users manually perform a task.

Contemporary society has entered the information age, information technology revolution makes every field of society, great changes have taken place in every enterprise must keep up with the pace of The Times, strengthen the enterprise competitiveness and improve modern enterprise management ability, to adapt to the development of society as a whole.Enterprise growth in demand for information, computer and network technology has penetrated into the enterprise's daily work.Traditional enterprise information communication way already cannot satisfy the business enterprise inside the demand of the rapid transmission and processing of large amounts of information, the application of small and medium-sized enterprise office automation management system to meet the office network, automation management needs of enterprises, improve the enterprise internal management level, and improve the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises in market competition.

At present, the office automation is mainly a JAVA development language, as a mainstream computer JAVA framework and its many good system, is accepted by more and more developers and customers, including the management of user groups is expanding.Most organizations the individual manager have contact with the equipment manufacturers of computer services and systems.At least they may have been through some outsourcing companies to use the system.Goal is to replace this generation of office automation test certain through redistribution to civilian jobs task management and combining the professional position information processing hardware and software.Daniel the open system model of group discussion, provides an understanding of these design problems.

   1. Introduction

Office automation in China by the end of the 80 s, for twenty years by years of development history.Due to the Intranet (Intranet) and extranet (extranet) the emergence of the rapid development of related technologies, and office automation has brought the increasingly intense competition in global market, for the traditional office and way of life has a huge impact, all the enterprises are faced with serious challenges, enterprise staff as a team can timely communication, get all sorts of relevant information, so as to efficiently work together, grasp the fleeting opportunity, will be the key to win in the fierce market competition, in the face of such situation, more and more companies are going to or is the computer network technology into the daily operation and management.

Office management system nature cannot leave the key with the rapid development of database technology, database began in the 1960 s, after 40 years of development, has now formed a theoretical system, as an important branch of computer software.As currently no ((non-relational database) the proliferation of big data era has gradually come, such as sina weibo use redis non-relational database, it is good to solve the problems such as high concurrency, and it makes Java and database interaction more easy and convenient, reduced the amount of code, improve work efficiency, redis will also be able to store data temporarily placed in memory and periodically in the hard disk, thus greatly improved the data read speed, although no technology also has many defects, such as it took the form of key-value pairs stored in a database, so would you like a traditional relational database to read so convenient, but there is no denying that no database technology and software technology to help human beings entered the era of big data.Database technology embodies the contemporary advanced data management method, the application of computer really penetrated into various sectors of national economy, plays a more and more important role in the field of data processing.And the emergence of the Internet technology, to further enrich the human life, step by step, digital life has come into our life and work.The combination of Internet technology and database technology for computer application in the human life has brought the huge impact.Scientific industry informatization, management modernization, has become the important subject of industry development.

Office information management system of the background of development requires a lot of design patterns, such as the common singleton pattern and adapter pattern, observer pattern, dynamic proxy Model, factory Model and so on, these classic mode is to introduce the MVC pattern, MVC (Model View Model - View Controller (the Controller) is a kind of commonly used design patterns, we can use it to create the domain object and UI to distinguish between the presentation layer objects.The architecture level is same, the same is that they all have a presentation layer, but they are different in that the other two layers.There is no fixed Controller in three layer architecture concept.This is where I think the most different.And MVC also does not have the business logic access as a two layer, it is to use three layer architecture and MVC structures, the main difference.Of course.Also mentioned in the three layers Model, but the three layer architecture Model and the concept of MVC Model is different, the concept of "three layers of a typical Model layer in the" entity classes, and MVC, is made up of business logic and data access.In the Spring framework, the MVC pattern is reflected, greatly improved the development efficiency, and reduces the coupling of the project, improves the maintainability of the project.

As the updating and development of these technologies, the office management system again and again, it will bring a wave of innovation, play an irreplaceable role in human society.


2. Related work

   When we are interested in office automation system at the same time, it is necessary to put it with other information systems used in the organization.An information system can be defined as a set of interrelated components, these components through to remove, operations, information storage and description to support the decision-making and management in the organization.The role of the information system is to assist each level in the organization of workers to manage the resources and information.This article main consideration is the office automation system and how to make them used in small and medium-sized companies, in order to integrity, some other information systems are also often used by the agencies are involved.For this kind of system is how to develop in this will no longer be described in detail.But for other objects, provides a brief description, organizational information system is a kind of supports several function and classify it supports activities.Office automation system is usually divided into six types: transaction processing systems, knowledge work system, office automation system, management information system, decision support system and executive information system.

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