Eclipse RCP产品的多平台发布
Eclipse RCP产品的多平台发布
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Eclipse RCP产品的多平台发布
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移动开发云端新模式探索实践 >>>   

从Eclipse Mars (4.5)开始,Eclipse就不再提供多平台的Delta Pack下载了,而是改用p2发布机制了。

从Eclipse Wiki 得到,构建多平台Eclipse RCP产品的推荐步骤为:

Preferred way of doing multi-platform builds

The preferred way of getting the platform specific artifacts is to just add them to the target platform. There is no need to look-up and download the "DeltaPack" if you follow these instructions.

This is works not only with the Mars release, but also previous releases, as well.

  • Open Window/Preferences.
  • Find PDE/Target Platform
  • Select your (active) target platform
  • Click Edit
  • Click Add
  • Select "Software Site"
  • Click Next
  • In "Work With" type: (replace 4.3 with your current version)
  • Check "Eclipse RCP Target Components"
  • Check "Equinox Target Components"
  • Uncheck "Include required software"
  • Check "Include all environments"
  • Press Finish
  • Press Finish
  • Press OK

Open your product file and select the "Export" option. You will see that the "Export for multiple platforms" checkbox is available.

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