Visual Assist X AutoText修改

2015/11/13 10:36
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自从开始用VC以后,一直以来都在用Visual Assist,感觉这个工具真的非常好,但是有些自动文档功能就个人觉得并非很适合,不过可能由于自身的E文比较差吧,从来没想过自己如何去修改这个东西。来新单位已经两个礼拜了,马上又要下班了,就冲着这个查了下如何修改AutoText,终于发现了官网上的详细说明,现在粘帖在下面,以备不时之需



Type your expanded code into the Code field. Include reserved strings to expand the date, filename and more. 

Reserved String Meaning
Date $DATE$ Year/month/day formatted as %04d/%02d/%02d
$DAY$ Day of month formatted as %d
$DAY_02$ Day of month formatted as %02d
$DAYNAME$ Three-character abbreviation of day
$DAYLONGNAME$ Full name of day
$MONTH$ Month formatted as %d
$MONTH_02$ Month formatted as %02d
$MONTHNAME$ Three-character abbreviation of month
$MONTHLONGNAME$ Full name of month
$YEAR$ Year formatted as %d
$YEAR_02$ Year formatted as %02d
File $FILE$ Full filename with path*
$FILE_UPPER$ Full filename with path in uppercase*
$FILE_BASE$ Filename without path or extension*
$FILE_BASE_UPPER$ Filename without path or extension in upper case*
$FILE_EXT$ Filename extension*
$FILE_EXT_UPPER$ Filename extension in upper case*
$FILE_PATH$ Path of file*
$FILE_PATH_UPPER$ Path of file in upper case*
General $clipboard$ Current clipboard
$end$ Position of caret after expansion
$selected$ Current selection**
$$ $
GUID $GUID_DEFINITION$ Generated GUID formatted for use in a definition
$GUID_STRING$ Generated GUID formatted for use in a string
$GUID_STRUCT$ Generated GUID formatted for use in a struct
(Note that all instances of GUID reserved words will use a singe generated GUID.)
Refactor $GeneratedPropertyName$ Property name generated during Encapsulate Field
$MethodArg$ One parameter of the method and its type
$MethodArgName$ One parameter of the method
$MethodArgType$ Type of one parameter of the method
$MethodBody$ Body of implementation
$MethodQualifier$ Optional qualifiers of method
$ParameterList$ Parameters separated by commas
$SymbolContext$ Context and name of method
$SymbolName$ Name of method
$SymbolPrivileges$ Access of method
$SymbolStatic$ Keyword static or blank
$SymbolType$ Return type of method
$SymbolVirtual$ Keyword virtual or blank
Time $HOUR$ Hour formatted as %d
$HOUR_02$ Hour formatted as %02d
$MINUTE$ Minute formatted as %02d
$SECOND$ Second formatted as %02d

*Reserved strings beginning with $FILE expand using the case of the current file. 

**Lines with whitespace and $selected$ are omitted from expanded code if there is no selection. (This lets you define a single entry to be used with and without a selection.) 

Autotext entries containing $GUID_* are available in IDL files. 

Access the list of reserved strings using the context menu inside the Code field when editing Autotext
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