How to catch a cold - a way you will never fail

2013/10/31 11:33
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Why you need to catch a cold?

I don't know, maybe you need to get some sympathy from others for some stupid reasons. maybe catching a cold will give you a reason to sleep a whole day without coding without feeling guilty.

I wish you can find you reason, so that we can take the following step.

Actually, the next step is very easy, as it is cold outside during the night. So, the next step is to keep your windows open before sleep. (Yeah, I succeed in this this way.)

Congratulation!!! You catch a cold now!!!

Damn! The feeling is not so good!!! ---- But no regrat now, as it is too late.

###OK, it is time to tell you how & why I catch a cold.

  1. I bought a bottle of orange juice from super market
  2. I wanted to keep it cold, but I am "lazy", as I don't want to store it in the refrigerator
  3. The best I came up with is to put it aside the window, as I know it is cold during the night(see the picture below).

a photo from bed a photo from desk 4. "Thanks to" the whole night, I caught a cold at last
5. But I hate this feeling, really hate it.

At last, please take care of your body, because you are the only owner of it. No one can take care of it better except you.

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