In version 2.0, DB Query Analyzer will never be mistaken as virus by anti-virus software

2014/10/17 17:29
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     In version 1.0 ,version 1.02, version 1.03 and version 1.04 DB Query Analyzer is protected by a shell designed by Master Genfeng Ma. So that no one can debug the executable file.

     As a result, some anti-virus software judge file 'DBQueryAnalyzer.ex_' or file 'DBQueryAnalyzer.exe' as a virus foolishly. Although I have written some articles to illuminate how the exe packer works in DB Query Analyzer in my blog bellow

, some users still advise me to get off the exe packer.


     Thus, I decide that in version 2.0 DB Query Analyzer no longer is protected by exe packer so that DB Query Analyzer will never be mistaken as virus by anti-virus software.






Here is the brief about DB Query Analyzer bellow:

   After four years research, design, development and about three months integrated test based on Oracle, Sybase, DB2, Informix, MS SQL Server, Mysql, MS ACCESS, FoxPro and Paradox, DB Query Analyzer is presented to the world by Master Genfeng, Ma.

   Out of question, DB Query Analyzer is one of the few excellent Client Tools in the world for its’ powerful function, friendly interface, easy operation and applicability to every production of RDBMS.

   As the most powerful client tool access to all RDBMS product including Oracle,Sybase,DB2,Informix,MS SQL SERVER, MySql, MS ACCESS, Paradox and FoxPro in China, DB Query Analyzer is based on Windows OS. It mainly has nine functions below.
   First. It Provide transaction control. It allow users manage transactions in database session such as commit or rollback transactions. It is necessary in time of database maintenance such as to update data or to delete data in databases. Only users believe the operation is right, do they commit or rollback transactions.

   Second, The Object View in DB Query Analyzer provide a powerful way to know DD in databases well. After know the indexes created in some table, users would design more efficient SQL statement which can use the indexes in executing.

   Third. Function names, Stored Procedures and Key Words input by users will be drew different color in DB Query Analyzer no matter what RDBMS product. So it is convenient not only to rectify the mistake but also to find out whether a certain function or system table or a stored procedure exists in current DBMS connection. 

   Forth. Provide a way to cancel a execute SQL statement.

   Fifth. Provide a way to generate SQL statement that always be used such as how to fetch first certain rows records in different RDBMS.

   Sixth. User can execute several SQL statement after click run button.

   Seventh. Execute time for each SQL statement is displayed in the status bar in DB Query Analyzer. So we can have a good know about every SQL statement.

   Eighth. Users can export or copy the result very easily.

   Ninth.  Users can execute all kinds of SQL statement including DDL,DML and DCL as well.

  Untill now it has been downloaded about ninety thousand times in the famous software download website . It will never been judged as virus foolishly by Some anti-virus software because DB Query Analyzer never use Exe packer in version 2.0 .

  You will have a trial on DB Query Analyzer for 31 days after your installation. Be ware that the Serial Number is 111-111-111-111-111 and Authorized Number is 111-111. If you are satisfied with DB Query Analyzer, you can register it for long time use.


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