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Python 3.3

alembic 0.6.2 A database migration tool for SQLAlchemy.
argparse 1.2.1 Python command-line parsing library
beautifulsoup4 4.3.2 Screen-scraping library
bottle 0.11.6 Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications.
Chameleon 2.11 Fast HTML/XML Template Compiler.
command-not-found 0.3
cssselect 0.8 cssselect parses CSS3 Selectors and translates them to XPath 1.0
Cython 0.19.1 The Cython compiler for writing C extensions for the Python language.
dataset 0.4.0 Toolkit for Python-based data processing.
decorator 3.4.0 Better living through Python with decorators
Django 1.6 A high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design.
docutils 0.10 Docutils -- Python Documentation Utilities
feedparser 5.1.3 Universal feed parser, handles RSS 0.9x, RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0, CDF, Atom 0.3, and Atom 1.0 feeds
Flask 0.10.1 A microframework based on Werkzeug, Jinja2 and good intentions
Flask-HTTPAuth 2.2.0 Basic and Digest HTTP authentication for Flask routes
futures 2.1.3 Backport of the concurrent.futures package from Python 3.2
gmpy 1.16 GMP or MPIR interface to Python 2.4+ and 3.x
httplib2 0.8 A comprehensive HTTP client library.
ipython 1.0.0 IPython: Productive Interactive Computing
isodate 0.4.9 An ISO 8601 date/time/duration parser and formater
itsdangerous 0.23 Various helpers to pass trusted data to untrusted environments and back.
Jinja2 2.7.1 A small but fast and easy to use stand-alone template engine written in pure python.
language-selector 0.1
lxml 3.2.3 Powerful and Pythonic XML processing library combining libxml2/libxslt with the ElementTree API.
Mako 0.8.1 A super-fast templating language that borrows the best ideas from the existing templating languages.
marisa-trie 0.5.1 Static memory-efficient & fast Trie-like structures for Python (based on marisa-trie C++ library)
MarkupSafe 0.18 Implements a XML/HTML/XHTML Markup safe string for Python
matplotlib 1.3.1 Python plotting package
mock 1.0.1 A Python Mocking and Patching Library for Testing
mysql-connector-python 1.1.4 MySQL driver written in Python
networkx 1.7 Python package for creating and manipulating graphs and networks
nose 1.3.0 nose extends unittest to make testing easier
numpy 1.8.0 NumPy: array processing for numbers, strings, records, and objects.
openpyxl 1.6.2 A Python library to read/write Excel 2007 xlsx/xlsm files
pandas 0.12.0 Powerful data structures for data analysis, time series,and statistics
PasteDeploy 1.5.0 Load, configure, and compose WSGI applications and servers
pep8 1.4.5 Python style guide checker
psutil 1.2.1 A process and system utilities module for Python
psycopg2 2.5 Python-PostgreSQL Database Adapter
pudb 2013.3.2 A full-screen, console-based Python debugger
pycrypto 2.6 Cryptographic modules for Python.
pyDatalog 0.13.0 A pure-python implementation of Datalog, a truly declarative language derived from prolog. Run logic queries on databases or python objects, and use logic clauses to define python classes.
pyenchant 1.6.5 Python bindings for the Enchant spellchecking system
pyfits 3.1.2 Reads FITS images and tables into numpy arrays and manipulates FITS headers
pyflakes3k 0.4.3 passive checker of Python programs (py3k port)
pygal 1.2.1 A python svg graph plotting library
Pygments 1.6 Pygments is a syntax highlighting package written in Python.
pygobject 3.10.0
pymongo 2.5.2 Python driver for MongoDB
pyparsing 2.0.1 Python parsing module
pyquery 1.2.4 A jquery-like library for python
pyramid 1.4.2 The Pyramid web application development framework, a Pylons project
python-apt Python bindings for libapt.
python-dateutil 2.2 Extensions to the standard Python datetime module
python-slugify 0.0.7 A Python slugify application that handles unicode
pytz 2013.9 World timezone definitions, modern and historical
PyYAML 3.10 YAML parser and emitter for Python
pyzmq 13.1.0 Python bindings for 0MQ
rdflib 4.0.1 RDFLib is a Python library for working with RDF, a simple yet powerful language for representing information.
redis 2.8.0 Python client for Redis key-value store
repoze.lru 0.6 A tiny LRU cache implementation and decorator
requests 2.2.0 Python HTTP for Humans.
requests-cache 0.4.4 Persistent cache for requests library
rpy2 2.3.6 Python interface to the R language (embedded R)
scikits-image 0.7.1 Image processing routines for SciPy
scipy 0.13.3 SciPy: Scientific Library for Python
six 1.3.0 Python 2 and 3 compatibility utilities
South 0.8.4 South: Migrations for Django
SQLAlchemy 0.9.1 Database Abstraction Library
stevedore 0.9 Manage dynamic plugins for Python applications
stripe 1.11.0 Stripe python bindings
sympy 0.7.3 Computer algebra system (CAS) in Python
tornado 3.0.2 Tornado is a Python web framework and asynchronous networking library, originally developed at FriendFeed.
translationstring 1.1 Utility library for i18n relied on by various Repoze and Pyramid packages
twitter 1.9.4 An API and command-line toolset for Twitter (twitter.com)
unattended-upgrades 0.1
Unidecode 0.04.14 ASCII transliterations of Unicode text
urwid 1.1.1 A full-featured console (xterm et al.) user interface library
venusian 1.0a8 A library for deferring decorator actions
virtualenv 1.9.1 Virtual Python Environment builder
virtualenv-clone 0.2.4 script to clone virtualenvs.
virtualenvwrapper 4.0 Enhancements to virtualenv
WebOb 1.2.3 WSGI request and response object
Werkzeug 0.9.4 The Swiss Army knife of Python web development
zope.deprecation 4.0.2 Zope Deprecation Infrastructure
zope.interface 4.0.5 Interfaces for Python


Installing matplotlibfor Python 3 on Ubuntu 12.04:
$ sudo apt-get build-dep python-matplotlib
$ sudo apt-get install python3-dev
$ wget https://github.com/matplotlib/matplotlib/zipball/master 
$ unzip master
$ cd matplotlib-matplotlib-bb3ea55
$ sudo python3 setup.py build
$ sudo python3 setup.py install
The current version of matplotlib on PyPI (v 1.1.1) is not Python 3 ready. The above commands use the current development version available from github and build the package from source.

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numpy官方网站有3.3版本的,但是scipy只到3.2版本 http://sourceforge.net/projects/scipy/files/scipy/0.11.0/,这样只好找一个非官方的3.3版本安装好 http://www.lfd.uci.edu/~gohlke/pythonlibs/#scipy-stack。

python, libusb, pyusb windows下: 預期願望:通過python寫一個簡單的程序,顯示出USB設備的ID(如:鼠標) 問題描述:1、剛開始僅僅裝了python3.3.2正式版,直接import usb-->ImportError: N...

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Web 应用框架相关--Mojito-Config-Expansion

Mojito-Config-Expansion 是 Mojito 源存储加载项在复杂的配置中用来自动扩展复合键的开发包。 该软件包包含了一个Mojito 资源存储加载项,允许在配置文件中编写以下代码 : { "specs > fra...

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文本数据库--GNU Recutils

GNU Recutils 是一组工具和开发包用来访问名为 recfiles 的文本数据库。 recfile 包含了顺序记录的数据结构,rec格式支持数据集成和记录描述 (keys, mandatory fields, field types, etc.) ...

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nmdb 是一个 dbm 风格的网络数据库,支持多协议,当前包括:TIPC, TCP, UDP, and SCTP。nmdb 包含一个内存中的缓存可用来保存 key-value 数值,以及一个磁盘持久化后端。 nmdb 目前提供了 C ...

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亲测可用,ubuntu 14.04。快速方便。 sudo apt-get install qt4-dev-tools #开发包    sudo apt-get install qtcreator #IDE   sudo apt-get install qt4-doc #开发帮助文档    sudo a......

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ComponentJS 0.9.3 发布,富客户端组件开发

ComponentJS 0.9.3 引入插件可用来扩展 ComponentJS 核心,重构了调试器进入插件体系,修复了 link 和 socket 功能。 ComponentJS 是一个独立的基于 HTML5 的富客户端组件开发包,提供多种 ...

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三星发布 Bada 2 SDK,支持 HTML5

三星刚刚发布了 Bada 2.0 SDK ,该开发包可用来为例如刚刚被泄露的 Wave 3 智能手机开发应用程序。包括多任务支持、HTML5 以及一个全新的广告引擎。 与 Android 不同的是,Bada 是一个封闭的...

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GNU Recutils 1.6 发布,文本数据库

GNU Recutils 1.6 发布,增加对联合查询和外键的支持,支持字段分组和排序,重写了字段表达式的规则,支持聚合函数,改进了 emacs 模式,完善了用户手册等等。 GNU Recutils 是一组工具和开发...

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GNU recutils 1.7 发布,文本数据库

GNU recutils 1.7 发布,此版本更新内容如下: a new -d option for rec2csvin order to support arbitrary separators support for the new %allowedspecial field, and the ability to ju......

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CentOS 升级Python3.4.3版本

1。下载 安装包:wget http://www.python.org/ftp/python/3.4.3/Python-3.4.3.tgz 2。解压安装包:tar -zxvf Python-3.3.0.tgz    3。进入解压后目录:cd Python-3.3.0 4。创建安装目录:m...

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Qt中的坑--QTreeWidget添加item 不能显示出来

QTreeWidget* pTree = ui.TreeCheckList; QTreeWidgetItem* item = new QTreeWidgetItem(pTree) ;item->setText ( 0, "test" );pTree->addTopLevelItem (item ); 原因是因为创建一个......

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场景: 1. 在日常生活中,我们肯定收到过不少不少这样的短信,“京东最新优惠卷…”,“天猫送您…”。这种类型的短信是属于推广性质的短信。这种短信一般群发量会到千万级别。然而,要完成这...

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#ifndef DIALOG_H#define DIALOG_H#include <QDialog>namespace Ui {class Dialog;}class Dialog : public QDialog{ Q_OBJECTpublic: explicit Dialog(QW......

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生产环境redis备份与恢复 Tyrant0532 0人评论 1563人阅读 2018-02-01 20:34:10 redis是一个开源(BSD许可),内存存储的数据结构服务器,可用作数据库,高速缓存和消息队列代理。生产中我们主...

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nginx “403 Forbidden” 错误 出现这个错误一般是因为以下原因: 网站禁止特定的用户访问所有内容,例:网站屏蔽某个ip访问。 访问禁止目录浏览的目录,例:设置autoindex off后访问目录。 ...

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摘要: 在刚刚结束的上海云栖大会飞天技术汇分论坛上,阿里云视频云产品架构师罗小飞进行了《阿里云CDN——面向金融政企的CDN最佳实践》主题分享,为上海的嘉宾介绍CDN的解决方案与技术服务体...

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docker 基本操作

docker介绍 Docker项目提供了构建在Linux内核功能之上,协同在一起的的高级工具。其目标是帮助开发和运维人员更容易地跨系统跨主机交付应用程序和他们的依赖。Docker通过Docker容器,一个安全...

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摘要: 在刚刚结束的上海云栖大会飞天技术汇分论坛上,阿里云视频云产品架构师罗小飞进行了《阿里云CDN——面向金融政企的CDN最佳实践》主题分享,为上海的嘉宾介绍CDN的解决方案与技术服务体...

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一、CentOS7安装 java8,参考centos7.0 安装java1.8,tomcat 二、安装hadoop 版本V3.03 1、下载并解压hadoop # mkdir /usr/local/app# mkdir /usr/local/app/hadoop# cd /usr/local/app/had......

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File --> Settings --> Editor --> Inspections ->Serialization issues,在该项下找到“Serializable class without 'serialVersionUID' ”并勾选...

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