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Web search engines - the current listing:

Abbreviations for abbreviations
ABC Search engine - every search starts with ABC
About for guidance, not guesswork
Academic Search. It's from Microsoft, so it's got to be great. Hasn't it?
Acronym finder - for over 750,000 human edited definitions
Addictomatic Great for quick results in a modular format. I like it, except the stupid logo!
Alexa is good for finding information on the top 100k sites
AllPlus - meta search and discovery engine
Answers is the world's leading Q&A site
AOL Search no, I didn't think it was still going, but it is
Around People Finder. UK, US, Australia, Europe emphasised.
Ask (Jeeves) still limping along, shadow of its former self
Ask if you want the US/global version
Azoos is the brightest yellow search engine out there
Bananaslug Run a search and include a random word, just to see what you get!
BASE for academic search. 56 million+ documents
BBC Video Nation, with categories, features and local information
Behold for flickr images
Betterwhois gets you good accurate information on domains
Bing. Microsoft's faint Google lookalike. 
Biographies.net is an excellent source to identify biographical information.
Blekko is a good alternative to the big 3. Definately try it.
Blindsearch to compare results of major engines
Blinkx is a video search engine, with 35 million hours of it!
Blippex is for private searching. They don't track you.
Carrot2 is a clustering engine - great for focussing on a subject area you're not sure of
ChaCha allows you get other people to help with your search
Clipblast searches for videos for you. Not personally stunned by it.
Cluuz A visual search engine
Collarity for personalised searching across different types of data
CompletePlant for 70k of searchable databases. Good for deep web
Country search engines is my list of 4,000 engines for 200+ countries
Creative Common search. Great for finding stuff you're allowed to use. Worth using!
CriticalPast for vintage stock footage and royalty free material. 
DailyEarth US newspaper emphasis.
Dailymotion for videos - emphasis on UK based content
Daybees the worlds largest events search engine, so they say.
Definitions is good for thousands of definitions
Deepdyve for deep web searching
Digital Librarian; a librarian's choice of the best of the web
DMOZ for a hierarchical directory, old but still good
Dogpile for multisearch of Google, Yahoo, Ask & Bing (GYAB)
Draze to compare Google, Yahoo and Bing
DuckDuckGo is a family safe engine
Eatbydate tells you if food is safe to eat. This engine could save your life! Maybe.
Ehow searches for crafty type material and 'how to' stuff. Random and interesting
Entireweb is a freetext search engine
Exalead is an excellent alternative to Google
Excite is there, but does anyone use it any more?
Factbites where results make sense
FaganFinder is a superb collection of search resources
Fefoo multi search engine with access to 250+ search engines
Findanyfilm available in the UK in any format
FindSounds for sound effects 
FindThatFile for documents, audio, video, zip, archives and so on.
FinQoo is an underwhelming meta search engine
Galaxy is a directory based search engine
Gigablast is a good second string search engine. Worth trying.
Goofram for Google and Wolfram Alpha
Google doesn't need any words from me
Great PDF search engine - does exactly that - PDF search
Harvester42 Straightforward multi search engine, covering about 50 different resources divided into 16 different categories.
hashtagify.me This is a nice little search feature for hashtags on Twitter.
Hshtags A social media search engine dedicated to hashtags 
Headlinespot News like it's 1999!
Heapr for Google, Twitter, Wolfram Alpha, Wikipedia
Hotbot is a blast from the past and that's about all
Hunch is a decision engine, which works very well indeed
iBoogie is a clustering meta search engine
Icerocket has RSS feed options and is a good alternative
IMDB the Internet movie database for movies, tv, actors, showtimes. Invaluable
Info Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, all in one place.
Infomine for scholarly data, and is excellent
Infonary Very sparse. Not a top choice for me.
Info Service is quirky and very colourful. Odd directory though
Internet Archive to see all those old pages!
Intute for academic resources. First class service
Irazoo search, win gift cards. I want to search, not win $5
Iseek is a clustering search engine; very good too
Ixquick is an excellent metasearch engine
Izito Combines 'all' search engines. Err, no, it doesn't.
Jurn is a curated academic search engine indexing 4.5k free ejournals in the arts
Kedrix Why search when you can mearch? Don't ask me, I just find this stuff.
KidsClick is websearch for children by librarians
KidRex is another children's safe search engine
Kngine styles itself as a Web 3 semantic web search engine
Knowem? Search over 550 social networks for brand and user names
Lanyrd Need to find a conference, event or speaker? This'll help out
Librarians' Internet Index is a brilliant resource
LocateTV find shows, actors and movies
Lyrics is a great search engine to find those song lyrics. V. Good.
Lycos is still out there, but getting old and creaky
Macroglossa Visual search engine Upload image, see what it finds
Mahalo for social search, human created information resources
Mamma is the mother of all meta search engines
MetaCrawler is a meta search engine
Millionshort all the results, except the top million or so. Interesting take on search.
MrSapo Multi search engine, lots of options, very sparse SERP though.
Monstercrawler for a GYAB search
Motherpipe - no tracking, no cookies, just search
Mundusearch for web, sounds, lyrics, music and video
MyAllSearch You can choose from Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask (Jeeves), Yandex, Lycos, Metacrawler, Entireweb and DuckDuckGo.
Newseum 772 front pages from 80+ countries.
Newslookup Latest news headlines, emphasis on US but also global content
Newsmap Great tool; news arranged by colour and size. Try it!
NewsNow Emphasis on the UK news.
Numberfetch for landline and freephone numbers instead of the pricy premium rate ones
OAIster for academic material that's otherwise hard to find
OmniMedicalSearch is a top notch medical search engine
Oolone is a graphic search engine; quite pleasing to look at and use.
Opening TV Themes. Yes, it is real. Yes, you will lose hours of your life happily humming
Panabee for comparing results from different search engines
Pepesearch for freetext and directory search. Not impressed
Phrases.net for common phrases, casual expressions and idioms
Pipl People finder. Good as the rest, which means not any better.
PolyMeta is an intelligent metasearch and clustering engine 
PublicRadioFan for searching for radio stations.
Qrobe for Google, Yahoo/Bing and Ask
Questfinder is a selective web directory
Quixey Want apps? This has apps in abundance!
Quotes.net for famous and not so famous quotations
Quintura for visual search in a word/tag cloud for children.
RealMoneyPoker offers an online Texas Hold'em legality search engine
Redz for visual search - an arch of webpage thumbnails
References is a good source of reference resources
ReferrerCode - An Online Games Bonus Code Search Engine
Re-QUEST is a directory based engine
Rhymes.net is an excellent search engine for finding words that rhyme, with translation and pronounciation options as well.
RocketNews Bit of a dud - very repetition, but global
ScienceHack for science videos verified by 'a scientist'
Scour to search socially, see community votes and comments
Searchbug for people and company search in the US
Search is a multi search engine. Not stunned by it
Searchboth lets you compare results for 9 different engines
Searchbots is a 'build your own' resource
Searchdazzle puts 4 engines on one page. Messy!
Searchhippo is another multisearch engine that doesn't excite me
SearchLion covers Web, images, news, video, blogs, twitter. Nice and easy, with a nice blended approach
SearchMedia is a UK medical search engine for professionals
Searchthenet is a multisearch engine - 20 engines offered
SearchtheWeb is a directory engine which fails to impress
Sency for real time, what's happening this moment information
Similar-site finds similar sites to that which you provide
Similarsites finds similar sites to that which you provide
Similicio.us finds similar sites to that which you provide
Silobreaker is the #1 news site out there, bar none
Siteslike is a find similar sites engine
SlideFinder searches for Powerpoint presentations
Slider is a full text search engine that searches DMOZ
SmartLinks provides quick links in a directory structure
SnapBird for Twitter searching
Snappyfingers is a Q&A database, searching FAQs.
Socialmention* A king of real time social media search and analysis
Soovle for Google, Wikipedia, Answers, YouTube, Ask, Yahoo, Amazon
Soundclips for uh.. clips of y'know, sounds and stuff.
SoundJax for clips of sounds. Loads of sounds.
Soungle for even more sounds. 
Spacetime 3D looks very similar to Redz; visual search engine
Spezify for multisearch visual results
Sputtr - lots of tiles for multi searching.
Stilltasty is a food date/edibility search engine
Surfcanyon is a general engine
Sunsteam is a directory engine, now 10 years old
Sweetsearch evaluated sources designed for students
Symbols is about signs, flags, glyphs, excellent arrangement, top resource
Synonyms net is the webs most comprehensive synonym resource
TeacherTube for safe and education YouTube videos
Technorati for blog search
TellyAds has over 17K recent tv ads available to search.
The Net 1 is a directory engine
The Paperboy Front pages of newspapers. Great for news freaks.
TopSite Find the best 10 top websites for almost any subject
Topsy Want tweets? They have 425 billion of them. The place to go to search Twitter
Trooker is a great video search engine resource
Trovando - first class multi search engine, though some choices are very outdated now.
True Knowledge "is a pioneer in a new class of search technology that allows you to ask questions on the web, just as if you were talking to another human being. Renamed as Evi
Turboscout is an excellent multi search engine
USZip provides excellent factual information on US zip code locations.
Vimeo is another YouTube lookalike video search engine
Wayback machine to go way back to 1996 for examples of archived pages. Invaluable
WebCrawler is a meta engine for GYAB
Web-Search is a multi search engine that offers 18 resources
WebWorld for quality sites on the web, in a directory style
Whostalkin Who is talking, not stalking. Though as its a social media engine, who knows?
Wink People Finder. Emphasis on US, but over 400 million profiles
Wolfram Alpha is a computational search engine; good but different!
Worldcat find 2 billion items in libraries near you. (Near being a relative term)
Worldnews News from around the world. Fancy that. 
WWW Virtual Library for directory listing of virtual libraries
Yabigo searches Yahoo, Bing and Google
Yahoo needs no introduction either
Yandex is Russian based, but don't let that put you off, it's a good alternative to Google
Yippy is 'family friendly' which means badly censored to the point of being actively unhelpful.
Yometa takes the results from Google, Yahoo and Bing and displays them in a Venn diagram
YouTube is for videos, but you knew that already
Zakta is a personalised search engine resource
Zanran helps you to find ‘semi-structured’ data on the web.
Zapmeta searches all the major engines
Zeekly for private searching. Nothing kept or stored, including IP addresses
10x10 100 words and pictures that define the time. Unique and interesting.
123 people is a UK people search engine
48ers Real time social search.


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