ijk英语-Innocence-Avril Lavigne

Innocence-Avril Lavigne Waking up I see that everything is okay 睁开双眼 我发现 一切如期上演 The first time in my life and now it's so great 我的生活从未如此美好呈现 Slowing do...

2017/08/31 10:42
ijk英语-Marry You - Bruno Mars

Marry You - Bruno Mars It s a beautiful night 这是个美丽的夜晚 We re looking for something dumb to do 我们在找些蠢事来做 Hey baby 嘿,宝贝 I think I wanna marry you 我想和你结婚...

2017/08/31 08:54
Sunny Day ijk英语

Sunny Day - Joy williams I open my eyes 我睁开眼 I look to the sky 仰望天空 it's a sunny day 是个晴天 the world is looking so bright 世界看起来如此明亮 what a surprise 真是惊喜!...

2017/08/30 15:22