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2016/12/04 20:53
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  • As mentioned above, random access requires the disk head to move randomly over the disk to find the proper data points.
    • 正如上文提到的,随机访问要求磁盘头能随机移动到磁盘上,查找对应的数据点。


  • fiction: Fiction refers to books and stories about imaginary people and events, rather than books about real people or events. Immigrant tales have always been popular themes in fiction.
  • illusion: An illusion is a false idea or belief. No one really has any illusions about winning the war.
  • advisable: If you tell someone that it is advisable to do something, you are suggesting that they should do it, because it is sensible or is likely to achieve the result they want. Because of the popularity of the region, it is advisable to book hotels or camp sites in advance.
  • utmost: You can use utmost to emphasize the importance or seriousness of something or to emphasize the way that it is done. It is matter of the utmost urgency to find out what has happened to these people.
  • vocabulary: Your vocabulary is the total number of words you know in a particular language. His speech is immature, his vocabulary limited.
  • immature: Something or someone that is immature is not yet completely grown or fully developed. She is emotionally immature.
  • formula: A formula is a plan that is invented in order to deal with a particular problem. It is difficult to imagine how the North and South could ever agree on formula to unify the divided peninsula.
  • individual: Individual means relating to one person or thing, rather than to a large group. They wait for the group to decide rather than making individual decisions.
  • contemporary: Contemporary things are modern and relate to the present time. She writes a lot of contemporary music for people like Whitney Houston.
  • phenomenon: phe|nom|enon, A phenomenon is something that is observed to happen or exist. scientific explanations of natural phenomenon.
  • pursue: If you pursue an activity, interest, or plan, you carry it out or follow it. He said Japan would continue to pursue the policies laid down at the London summit.
  • necessity: The necessity of something is the fact that it must happen or exist. There is agreement on the necessity of reforms...
  • endeavor(en|deav|our): If you endeavor to do something, you try very hard to do it. I will endeavor to arrange it.
  • advocate: If you advocate a particular action or plan, you recommend it publicly. Mr Williams is a conservative who advocates fewer government controls on business...
  • conservative:
    Someone who is conservative or has conservative ideas is unwilling to accept changes and new ideas. It is essentially a narrow and conservative approach to child care.
    A Conservative politician or voter is a member of or votes for the Conservative Party in Britain.Most Conservative MPs appear happy with the government's reassurances.(大多数保守党下议院议员似乎都对政府的再三保证感到满意。)
  • cultivate: If you cultivate an attitude, image, or skill, you try hard to develop it and make it stronger or better. If you cultivate land or crops, you prepare land and grow crops on it.


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