Web application the big change is coming...

2015/11/02 20:05
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Probably never got chance to touch Big Data architecture in my works, but to think of it, still interesting...

We had many ideas about computing at 60s, and they wasn't really go in production because the limitation of hardware and software facilities at the time, but today those idea slowly coming to real.

Today even a small web application to handle input/output simply can have more than billions users, think about twitter, then it challenged the way we design web application, and it just bring those old tech into a new field.

I am saying that the Akka, how it handle the parallel computing, or Apache Spark, how it handle data analysis, now it doesn't matter we need them or not, because eventually they are coming, not just one of them, but many of them, not just you need it or not, they will become services, and that time, it's your choice to use it or not, just like cloud-computing, do you still look for a dedicate server? Or a cloud server? You say..

Even though, they are still applied in big application and usage today, but we can see they are emerging, and maybe N years (2010 to 2015, how much changed during this time?) later, we gonna face it whatever we want it or not..

Still it's not about our career warning or anything related, we got a job, we have our life, we live on, and we don't really care about it, but it's interesting, something never stop, and something invade to our life more and more..

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