Time to do one thing and do it well

2015/08/07 14:41
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Coding isn't fun most of time, and it's just a way to make living. Since I was a coder, I have been coding for many different projects with different programming languages, and working for several different employers, one by another, the product isn't belong to me, and the coding work seems never get end.

At the beginning of the coding career, the most concerned is to get into a team and start coding, feels to learn a lot by working on different projects is the driven force, especially when get to know and participate in coding a successful business solution.

The feeling has gone quite a while after I finished main works on the last coding project, to become a maintainer, occasionally a coder. The passion to code anything for money is just not attracted to me anymore. When I reviewed my experiences, my skills and the timing, I found that it's right time to write something I like.

In Unix philosophy, there is a quote "Do one thing and do it well", even though its just for coding recommendation, it's also applied to the work direction.

As a coder, it happened to be the one which has the chance to create own software product. I know, people like to think big, like I was doing before, always put myself in the position to think a big project, as if only that comes, I can feel I am striving for it.

Now I changed. I asked myself one thing that really I can do? Which I can do well? I think, I can code better small library rather than a big product, and even more, small library is easy to contribute to the open source community, and get better quality by crowd efforts.

In Unix philosophy, there is another quote "Worse is better", so by chasing a big, competitive, well designed complete functional product, isn't belong to an individual coder like what I am now. Instead I more like to write small and high quality library, which will help to build better product.

That's what I am changing to, to be more like an independent coder, to do one thing, and do it well first. I hope this is the turn to change my later career, to have fun with coding only if it's not for living anymore.

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