How to fix long startup time of AX32 .exe
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How to fix long startup time of AX32 .exe
fandyx 发表于3年前
How to fix long startup time of AX32 .exe
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移动开发云端新模式探索实践 >>>   

摘要: 修复AX Client客户端登陆等待长时间的问题。

As in my client’s environment accessing to internet is limited, and their DNS is not configured to further resolve the name to, so we recommend to completely turn off the CRL for ax32.exe.

Basically KB947988 suggests either turning off CRL on a machine basis or enabling internet connection to

1. Turning off CRL is a good option for those in a reliable/hardened environment by turning off the “Software Restriction Policies” (, or by by unchecking an option from Internet Explorer, “Tools | Options |Advanced | Security |Check for publisher’s certificate revocation”.

2. Enabling internet connection to means to ensure the DNS naming resolution fine on

3. A better fix with restricted impact on other applications: Apart from the above 2 options we can also disable the CRL checking for AX32.exe alone – this is going to only impact AX32.exe as we are pretty sure all .NET assemblies being loaded by AX32.exe are reliable and fully trusted. This can be done:

a) Create a new text-base file named c:\program files\Microsoft Dynamics AX\50\Client\Bin\ax32.exe.config

b) The content for ax32.exe.config shall look like below:



               <generatePublisherEvidence enabled="false"/>



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