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The SPEC CPU® 2017 benchmark package contains SPEC's next-generation, industry-standardized, CPU intensive suites for measuring and comparing compute intensive performance, stressing a system's processor, memory subsystem and compiler.

The SPEC CPU 2017 Benchmark price is $1000 for new customers, $250 for qualified non profit organizations and $50 accredited academic institutions. To find out if your organization has an existing license for a SPEC product please contact SPEC at info@spec.org.

SPEC designed these suites to provide a comparative measure of compute-intensive performance across the widest practical range of hardware using workloads developed from real user applications. The benchmarks are provided as source code and require the use of compiler commands as well as other commands via a shell or command prompt window. SPEC CPU 2017 also includes an optional metric for measuring energy consumption.

The SPEC CPU 2017 benchmark package contains 43 benchmarks, organized into four suites:

The SPECspeed® 2017 Integer and SPECspeed® 2017 Floating Point suites are used for comparing time for a computer to complete single tasks.
The SPECrate® 2017 Integer and SPECrate® 2017 Floating Point suites measure the throughput or work per unit of time.

Purchase Current SPEC Benchmark Suites
SPEC benchmarks are licensed to companies, universities, and organizations around the world; to find out if your organization is a member of SPEC's consortium, please see our current membership. Or to find out if your organization has an existing license for a SPEC product please contact SPEC at info@spec.org.

SPEC provides special non-profit/educational discounts for organizations with 501C or equivalent standings on selected SPEC benchmark suites. Staff may request proof of qualification. All academic orders are licensed to a professor or full-time staff member.


** Licensing Information:

  • Multiple licenses for corporations are not necessary, however separate licenses are required for non-profits with multiple locations. To find out if your organization holds a current license for a specific SPEC benchmark suite before purchasing it, please contact SPEC headquarters.
  • A non-commercial license is available for the SPEC GWPG and SPEC HPG benchmarks free of charge for use by individuals and organizations that are not required to have a commercial license. A commercial license is required for any commercial enterprise that is not a SPEC GWPG (for SPECapc, SPECviewperf, or SPECworkstation) or HPG (for SPEC ACCEL, SPEC MPI, and SPEC OMP) member and is engaged in marketing, developing, testing, consulting for and/or selling computers, computer services, graphics devices, drivers or other systems or components in the computer marketplace.
  • An example of SPEC's General Site License Agreement (PDF) and SPEC's SERT Site License Agreement (PDF) is provided for review before the purchase.




SPEC CPU® 2017基准测试包包含SPEC的下一代、工业标准化、CPU密集型套件,用于测量和比较计算密集型性能,强调系统的处理器、内存子系统和编译器。

SPEC CPU 2017基准的价格是:新客户1000美元,合格的非营利组织250美元,认可的学术机构50美元。要了解你的组织是否有SPEC产品的现有许可证,请联系SPEC:info@spec.org。

SPEC设计了这些套件,以便在最广泛的实际硬件范围内,使用从真实用户应用中开发的工作负载,提供计算密集型性能的比较测量。这些基准是以源代码的形式提供的,需要使用编译器命令以及通过shell或命令提示窗口的其他命令。SPEC CPU 2017还包括一个用于测量能耗的可选指标。

SPEC CPU 2017基准测试包包含43项基准,分为四个套件:

SPECspeed® 2017整数和SPECspeed® 2017浮点套件用于比较计算机完成单一任务的时间。
SPECrate® 2017整数和SPECrate® 2017浮点套件测量每单位时间的吞吐量或工作。



SPEC CPU 2017 V1.1.9
     Purchase ($1000)

** 许可证信息:

SPEC GWPG和SPEC HPG基准的非商业许可证是免费提供给不需要商业许可证的个人和组织使用的。任何不属于SPEC GWPG(针对SPECapc、SPECviewperf或SPECworkstation)或HPG(针对SPEC ACCEL、SPEC MPI和SPEC OMP)成员的商业企业,如果在计算机市场上从事计算机、计算机服务、图形设备、驱动程序或其他系统或组件的营销、开发、测试、咨询和/或销售,则需要商业许可。


Read the terms and conditions of this Agreement carefully before downloading or opening the package containing the SPEC product or any accompanying documentation (collectively, “the Materials"). Except where explicitly superseded by wording in the attached product license, this Agreement represents the entire Agreement between you and SPEC concerning the Materials and supersedes any prior proposal, representation or understanding between the parties.

Use and Re-Export of SPEC’s software is subject to the United States Export Control Administration regulations. The software may not be used by unlicensed person or entities and may not be re-exported to another country. See Export Assurance (Clause 12) of this license.

The restrictions and limitations of this Agreement do not apply to those items contained in the Materials that have been modified under, or used under, licenses that require free redistribution.SPEC has collected copies or links to copies of all such items underneath the directory redistributable_sources, along with the licenses applicable to each item in that directory.

By downloading the Materials or opening the package containing the Materials, you are accepting and agreeing to the terms of this Agreement. If you are not willing to be bound by these terms, you should promptly cease downloading the Materials and remove the Materials from your system. Or, if you received the Materials via physical media, you should return the media and the Materials to SPEC. You may receive a refund for purchased products.

1. Grant. SPEC agrees to grant and USER agrees to accept a nontransferable and nonexclusive license to use and modify the Materials, subject to the restrictions and conditions set forth below and in any accompanying product specific license.
2. Copies and Location. USER may make only exact and complete copies of the original of the Materials.The original and copies thereof may be used only:
• By the user, if purchased by a non-corporate entity. This user must also abide by the Export Assurance (Clause 12) of this license.
• By anyone within the same corporate structure, if purchased by a corporation. Note that a "corporate user" must be identified and all technical support and contact with SPEC must be handled through that contact. This user and corporation must also abide by the Export Assurance (Clause 12) of this license.

USER will not permit any third party to use or copy the original or any copy thereof. In the event of unauthorized transfer or copying, USER will pay SPEC a penalty in the amount of one additional fee for each such transfer or copy.

3. Scope of Use. The Materials may be used only for the generation of data regarding measurement and analysis of computer system (hardware and software) performance and/or power usage on those Materials. Modification or merger with other software is allowed only as specified in the Run and Reporting Rules for
the given SPEC benchmark or tool product. USER may not distribute the Materials or any modification to the Materials with the following exceptions:
• USER may distribute those items specifically included in the directory of redistributable sources according to the terms of their open source licenses.

• USER may share only with other SPEC licensees of this product modifications created by USER for purposes of performance and/or power usage analysis. Such modifications shall be limited to 1) modifying the code to instrument the product; or 2) modifying the workload to enable further analysis on systems under the USER's control or 3) a combination of 1) and 2).

For performance or power measurement results obtained from such modified product, USER may not 1) represent the results as being compliant results of the product or 2) use official SPEC metric name(s) to identify the results.
The Materials may include executable code for the SPEC PTDaemon tool. The SPEC PTDaemon tool is licensed for use only with the Materials or modifications of the Materials as described herein. It is NOT licensed for use as a standalone tool or for integration into a tool that is unrelated to the Materials.

4. Fee. The fee paid by the USER to SPEC for the Materials is in consideration of SPEC's cost in connection with the production and distribution of the Materials and is not a royalty.

5. Reports. In order to preserve the integrity of SPEC's performance standards, USER agrees to run the Materials in accordance with the benchmark product rules published by SPEC for the Materials. If the USER chooses to publicly report measured results, the reporting must be strictly in accordance with the SPEC product rules, including the SPEC Fair Use Rule.

The SPEC Fair Use Rules are posted at www.spec.org. SPEC product rules are posted at www.spec.org in the documentation pages for each SPEC product. Both the SPEC Fair Use rules and the SPEC product rules may be updated from time to time. USERS are required to comply with the latest versions of the rules, including all updates, as posted on the SPEC website.

SPEC practices associated with perceived violations of Fair Use or other license terms can be found at: 

6. Term. This Agreement is effective upon USER opening the package containing the Materials or upon downloading the Materials from an electronic distribution source and shall continue until terminated. USER may terminate the Agreement at any time by providing written notification to SPEC that all copies have been
destroyed, but the provisions of Sections 5, 7, 8 and 10 shall survive any termination.
The license granted as to the current release of the Materials shall terminate when SPEC issues and makes available to the USER a subsequent release of such materials.
In the event of a breach by the USER of any provision hereof, SPEC may terminate this Agreement, and the license granted hereunder, in whole or as to any portion of the Materials upon 30 days written notice unless the default is cured within such 30-day period. Upon termination of the license, USER shall immediately destroy all copies of the Materials and shall provide written notification to SPEC that all copies have been destroyed.
7. Use of Name. It is acknowledged that all trademark and trade name rights in the names are owned exclusively by SPEC and such ownership shall be acknowledged in any use of the name by the USER (i.e. 
- noting that these are "trademarks of the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation").

8. Ownership of Material: This Agreement does not constitute a sale of the Materials but is only a license to use in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. USER acknowledges that title, ownership and all intellectual property rights in and to the Materials and any copies are owned by and remain with SPEC.
9. Indemnity. USER agrees to indemnify and hold SPEC harmless from any claims, expenses, or liabilities caused by USER's use of the Materials or by USER's publication or use of data arising from its use of the Materials.




10. Limitation of Liability. SPEC assumes no liability with respect to the Materials, including liability for infringement of intellectual property rights, negligence, or any other liability.

SPEC is not aware of any infringement of copyright or patent that may result from its transfer to USER of the Materials. If USER receives any notice of infringement, such notice shall be immediately communicated to SPEC who will take immediate action to evaluate the claim and, if practicable, modify the Materials as necessary to avoid infringement. USER waives any claim against SPEC in the event of such infringement.

SPEC's total liability for any reason shall not exceed the amount of the fee paid to SPEC. In no event will SPEC be liable for any indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages arising out of or in connection with this Agreement, including the sale, use or performance of the Materials, even if SPEC shall have knowledge of the possibility of such damages.

11. Maintenance and Support. SPEC has no obligation to provide support, maintenance, updates, modifications or new releases of the Materials to USER under this Agreement.

12. Export Assurance. Use and re-export of SPEC's software and related technical information is subject to the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) of the United States Department of Commerce. USER hereby agrees that USER (a) assumes responsibility for compliance with the EAR in its use of the software and technical information, and (b) will not export, re-export, or otherwise disclose directly or indirectly, the software, technical data, or any direct product of the software or technical data in violation of the EAR.

13. Governing Law. This Agreement shall be construed and governed in accordance with the laws of the State of California. If any term of this Agreement is declared void or not enforceable by any competent court of jurisdiction, all other terms shall remain in effect.

14. No Waiver. The failure of either party to enforce any term herein or to take action in the event of any violation of these terms shall not be deemed a waiver by that party as to the subsequent enforcement of any rights.


SPEC 一般许可协议

在下载或打开包含SPEC产品或任何附带文件(统称为 "材料")的包装之前,请仔细阅读本协议的条款和条件。除非被所附的产品许可证中的措辞明确取代,否则本协议代表了您和SPEC之间关于材料的全部协议,并取代了双方之间任何先前的建议、陈述或理解。




1. 授予。SPEC同意授予并且用户同意接受一个不可转让和非排他性的许可证,以使用和修改材料,但要遵守以下规定的限制和条件以及任何附带的产品特定许可证。
2. 复印件和位置。用户只能制作材料原件的准确和完整的副本。原件和副本只能用于:
- 由用户使用,如果是由非公司实体购买。该用户还必须遵守本许可证的出口保证(第12条)。
- 如果由公司购买,则由同一公司结构内的任何人使用。请注意,必须确定一个 "公司用户",所有的技术支持和与SPEC的联系都必须通过该联系人来处理。这个用户和公司也必须遵守本许可证的出口保证(第12条)。


3. 使用范围。材料只能用于产生有关测量和分析计算机系统(硬件和软件)性能和/或这些材料的电力使用情况的数据。只允许按照SPEC基准或工具产品的运行和报告规则中的规定,修改或与其他软件合并。
- 用户可以根据其开放源码许可证的条款,分发那些具体包括在可再分配源码目录中的项目。
- 用户只能与本产品的其他SPEC被许可人分享由用户创建的用于性能和/或功率使用分析的修改。这种修改应限于:1)修改代码,以便对产品进行检测;或者2)修改工作负载,以便在用户控制的系统上进行进一步分析;或者3)1)和2)的组合。

这些材料可能包括SPEC PTDaemon工具的可执行代码。SPEC PTDaemon工具被授权只用于材料或本文所述的材料的修改。它没有被授权作为一个独立的工具使用,也没有被授权整合到与材料无关的工具中。

4. 费用。用户为材料向SPEC支付的费用是考虑到SPEC在制作和分发材料方面的成本,而不是专利费。

5. 报告。为了维护SPEC性能标准的完整性,USER同意按照SPEC为材料公布的基准产品规则来运行材料。如果用户选择公开报告测量结果,报告必须严格遵守SPEC产品规则,包括SPEC公平使用规则。
SPEC公平使用规则张贴在 www.spec.org。SPEC 产品规则张贴在 www.spec.org,在每个 SPEC 产品的文档页面中。SPEC 公平使用规则和 SPEC 产品规则可能会不时地被更新。用户需要遵守最新版本的规则,包括所有的更新,如在 SPEC 网站上公布。

与被认为违反公平使用或其他许可条款有关的 SPEC 做法可以在以下网址找到: 

6. 期限。本协议在用户打开包含材料的包装或从电子分发源下载材料时生效,并将持续到终止。用户可以在任何时候通过向 SPEC 提供书面通知来终止本协议,即所有的副本已经被销毁。
当 SPEC 发布并向用户提供此类材料的后续版本时,所授予的关于材料的当前版本的许可证应终止。
如果用户违反了本协议的任何规定,SPEC 可以在发出30天的书面通知后,终止本协议以及根据本协议授予的全部或任何部分材料的许可证,除非在这30天的期限内违约得到纠正。许可证终止后,用户应立即销毁材料的所有副本,并应向 SPEC 提供书面通知,说明所有副本已被销毁。
7. 名称的使用。应当承认,名称中的所有商标和商业名称的权利都是由 SPEC 独家拥有的,并且在用户对名称的任何使用中都应当承认这种所有权(即,指出这些是 "SPEC 的商标")。
- 注意到这些是 "标准性能评估公司的商标")。

8. 材料的所有权: 本协议不构成材料的销售,而只是根据本协议的条款使用的许可。用户承认,材料和任何副本的所有权和所有知识产权都是由 SPEC 所拥有的,并且仍然属于 SPEC。
9. 赔偿。对于因用户使用材料或因用户发表或使用材料所产生的数据而引起的任何索赔、费用或责任,用户同意对SPEC进行赔偿并使其免受损害。


SPEC 对材料的销售、使用或性能不作任何明示或暗示的保证,包括但不限于对适销性或对特定用途或目的的适用性的任何保证,SPEC 特此声明并排除所有此类保证。

用户认识到,这些产品是一个合作的、非营利性的努力的结果,而且 SPEC 并没有开展典型的业务。用户接受材料的 "原样",没有任何明示或暗示的保证。

10. 责任的限制。SPEC 对材料不承担任何责任,包括侵犯知识产权的责任、疏忽或任何其他责任。

SPEC 不知道因其向用户转让材料而可能导致的任何侵犯版权或专利的情况。如果用户收到任何侵权通知,这种通知应立即传达给 SPEC,SPEC 将立即采取行动评估索赔,并在可行的情况下,对材料进行必要的修改以避免侵权。在发生这种侵权行为时,用户放弃对 SPEC 的任何索赔。

在任何情况下,SPEC 的总责任不应超过支付给 SPEC 的费用数额。在任何情况下,SPEC 都不对因本协议引起的或与本协议有关的任何间接的、特殊的、附带的或后果性的损害负责,包括材料的销售、使用或性能,即使 SPEC 知道有这种损害的可能性。

11. 维护和支持。根据本协议,SPEC 没有义务向用户提供材料的支持、维护、更新、修改或新版本。

12. 出口保证。使用和再出口 SPEC 的软件和相关技术信息须遵守美国商务部的《出口管理条例》(EAR)。用户在此同意,用户(a)在使用软件和技术资料时承担遵守 EAR 的责任,并且(b)不会违反EAR的规定,直接或间接出口、再出口或以其他方式披露软件、技术资料或软件或技术资料的任何直接产品。

13. 管辖法律。本协议应根据加利福尼亚州的法律进行解释和管理。如果本协议的任何条款被任何有管辖权的法院宣布为无效或不可执行,所有其他条款应继续有效。

14. 不弃权。任何一方未能执行本协议的任何条款,或在违反这些条款的情况下未能采取行动,不应视为放弃。


SPEC (Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation)的"公平使用规则"(Fair Use Rules)是为使用SPEC标准基准测试套件的公开发布提供了一些指导原则。这些规则的目的是确保在使用SPEC基准测试套件时,保护程序供应商、厂商和其他参与方的合法权益,同时提供一定的灵活性用于合理的评估和比较计算机系统的性能。


1. 需要准确引用SPEC测试的完整名称和版本号,以及测试配置和参数设置的准确说明。

2. 公平使用规则允许在技术和学术出版物、技术报告、产品宣传材料等中应用SPEC基准测试结果,用于性能比较和评估。

3. 不得以不当的方式使用SPEC测试结果和LOGO,误导消费者或制造虚假宣传。

4. 不得将SPEC测试报告和结果用于广告目的,包括以SPEC基准测试结果作为产品的直接宣传手段。

5. 未经SPEC授权,不得对SPEC测试套件进行更改或定制,并替换相应的SPEC标志和命名。



SPEC(Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation)的"产品规则"(Product Rules)是为了确保在使用SPEC基准测试套件进行产品测试时的一些指导原则和规定。这些规则旨在保护各方的合法权益,并确保产品测试结果的准确性和可比性。


1. 需要遵循SPEC产品规则来使用SPEC基准测试套件进行产品测试,并按照SPEC提供的标准方法和配置来进行测试。

2. 产品测试必须使用最新版本的SPEC基准测试套件。

3. 在使用SPEC测试套件对产品进行测试时,必须遵守SPEC的许可规定和使用条款。

4. 使用SPEC测试套件时,必须按照SPEC文档中的指导规范来配置和运行测试。

5. 不得对SPEC基准测试套件进行修改或定制,并且不得替换SPEC的标志和命名。

6. 在报告和发布产品测试结果时,必须准确引用SPEC测试的完整名称和版本号,并提供测试配置和参数设置的正确说明。

7. 不得对SPEC测试结果进行删除、调整或篡改。




Q21: Can I publish elsewhere? Do the rules still apply?

Yes, SPEC CPU 2017 results can be published independently, and Yes, the rules still apply.

  • The SPEC CPU license requires that published results must follow the SPEC CPU 2017 Run and Reporting Rules.
  • Any public use of SPEC benchmark results is subject to the SPEC Fair Use Rule, which requires (among other things) that your statement must be clear; must be correct; must reference public data; must identify data sources; must clearly distinguish between SPEC metrics and other types of data.
  • Your results must comply with any rule updates that may be posted from time to time at
  • Any SPEC member may request the rawfile from your result, per Rule 5.5.

Although you are allowed to publish indpendently, SPEC encourages results to be submitted for publication on SPEC's web site, because it ensures a peer review process and uniform presentation of all results.

The Fair Use rule recognizes that Academic and Research usage of the benchmarks may be less formal; the key requirement is that non-compliant numbers must be clearly distinguished from rule-compliant results.

SPEC CPU results may be estimated. Estimates must be clearly marked.

是的,SPEC CPU 2017结果可以独立发布,是的,规则仍然适用。

SPEC CPU许可证要求,发布的结果必须遵循SPEC CPU 2017运行和报告规则。


SPEC CPU的结果可以是估计的。估算结果必须清楚地标明。





Violations Determination,
and Remedies
Revision 1.3

Table of Contents
1. Introduction and Philosophy 
2. Finding of violation separate from penalties/remedies
3. Roles
3.1 Members, licensees, and Third Party Entities
3.2 Alleged Violator
3.3 Complainant
3.4 Chair Pro Tempore
3.5 Levels of Review 
3.5.1 Technical Subcommittee or Project Group
3.5.2 Group Steering Committee 
3.5.3 Board
3.5.4 Appeal
4. Voluntary corrective action
5. Motions
5.1 Motion for finding of violation 
5.2 Motion to re-review a result on spec.org 
6. Treatment of Motions Regarding Third Party Entities 
6.1 Approach and assumptions 
6.2 Regarding the determination of fact 
6.3 Communication
6.4 Individuals remain free to speak about public information 
6.5 Additional Policies Regarding Treatment of Third Party Entities
7. Treatment of Motions Regarding Licensees and Members 
7.1 Notification prior to a vote
7.2 Time required for consideration of motions 
7.2.1 Motion to find violation 
7.2.2 Motion to re-review 
7.3 Voting 
7.4 Notification of vote results
7.5 History of violations 
7.6 Right of Appeal
7.7 Next steps
8. Proportionality between offense and penalty/remedy
9. Penalties and Remedies
9.1 Types of remedies and penalties
9.1.1 Minor Correction to Posted Benchmark Result Disclosures (minor) 
9.1.2 Mark Posted Benchmark Results Non-Compliant (moderate) 
9.1.3 Formal Request for Corrective Action (minor to moderate) 
9.1.4 Public Acknowledgment of Violation (serious) 
9.1.5 Reprimand from SPEC (moderate to serious) 
9.1.6 Suspension of Publication Privilege at SPEC (moderate to serious)
9.1.7 Public Action by SPEC (serious)
9.1.8 Termination of SPEC Benchmark License (serious)
9.1.9 Suspension or termination of membership (serious) 
9.1.10 Legal Action (serious)
9.2 Notification of penalty actions
9.3 History of Penalties and Remedies 
10. Motions to assess penalties or require remedies 
10.1 Penalty/remedy within power of committee 
10.2 Penalty/remedy requiring further approval


1. 导言和理念 
2. 违法行为的认定与处罚/补救措施分开
3. 角色
3.1 成员、被许可人和第三方实体
3.2 被指控的违规者
3.3 投诉人
3.4 临时主席
3.5 审查级别 
3.5.1 技术小组委员会或项目组
3.5.2 集团指导委员会 
3.5.3 董事会
3.5.4 上诉
4. 自愿改正行动
5. 动议
5.1 关于认定违规的动议 
5.2 要求重新审查spec.org上的结果的动议 
6. 对有关第三方实体的动议的处理 
6.1 方法和假设 
6.2 关于事实的确定 
6.3 沟通
6.4 个人仍可自由谈论公共信息 
6.5 关于处理第三方实体的其他政策
7. 关于被许可人和成员的议案的处理 
7.1 投票前的通知
7.2 审议动议所需的时间 
7.2.1 认定违规的动议 
7.2.2 重新审查的动议 
7.3 表决 
7.4 投票结果的通知
7.5 违规行为的历史 
7.6 上诉权
7.7 接下来的步骤
8. 违法行为与处罚/补救措施之间的比例关系
9. 处罚和补救措施
9.1 补救措施和处罚的类型
9.1.1 对公布的基准结果披露进行小幅修正(轻微)。
9.1.2 标记已公布的基准结果不符合要求(中度) 
9.1.3 正式要求采取纠正措施(轻微至中等程度) 
9.1.4 公开承认违规行为(严重) 
9.1.5 中亚经济体的谴责(中度至严重)。
9.1.6 暂停在SPEC的出版特权(中度至严重)。
9.1.7 中亚经济体的公开行动(严重)
9.1.8 终止SPEC基准许可证(严重)。
9.1.9 暂停或终止成员资格(严重) 
9.1.10 法律行动(严重)
9.2 处罚行动的通知
9.3 处罚和补救措施的历史 
10. 评估处罚或要求补救的动议 
10.1 委员会权力范围内的处罚/补救措施 
10.2 需要进一步批准的处罚/补救措施



SPEC CPU® 2006 (Retired: January 2018)


The SPEC CPU® 2006 benchmark is SPEC's industry-standardized, CPU-intensive benchmark suite, stressing a system's processor, memory subsystem and compiler.

BENCHMARK RETIREMENT: With the release of the SPEC CPU 2017 benchmark suite, the CPU 2006 suite has been retired. See below for details on the retirement schedule and result publication.

This benchmark suite includes the SPECint® benchmarks and the SPECfp® benchmarks. The SPECint® 2006 benchmark contains 12 different benchmark tests and the SPECfp® 2006 benchmark contains 19 different benchmark tests.


SPEC designed this suite to provide a comparative measure of compute-intensive performance across the widest practical range of hardware using workloads developed from real user applications. These benchmarks are provided as source code and require the user to be comfortable using compiler commands as well as other commands via a command interpreter using a console or command prompt window in order to generate executable binaries.

The SPEC CPU® 2006 benchmark has several different ways to measure computer performance. One way is to measure how fast the computer completes a single task; this is a speed measurement. Another way is to measure how many tasks a computer can accomplish in a certain amount of time; this is called a throughput, capacity or rate measurement.

  • The SPECspeed® metrics (e.g., the SPECint® 2006 benchmark) are used for comparing the ability of a computer to complete single tasks.
  • The SPECrate® metrics (e.g., the SPECint®_rate 2006 benchmark) measure the throughput or rate of a machine carrying out a number of tasks.

For more information about the SPECrate® and SPECspeed® metrics, see the technical documentation.

The current version of the benchmark suite is V1.2, released in September 2011.


SPEC CPU® 2006(已退休:2018年1月)
SPEC CPU® 2006基准是SPEC的工业标准化、CPU密集型基准套件,对系统的处理器、内存子系统和编译器施加压力。

基准退休: 随着SPEC CPU 2017基准套件的发布,CPU 2006套件已经退役。有关退役时间表和结果公布的详情,请参见下文。

该基准套件包括SPECint®基准和SPECfp®基准。SPECint® 2006基准包含12个不同的基准测试,SPECfp® 2006基准包含19个不同的基准测试。


SPEC CPU® 2006基准有几种不同的方法来衡量计算机性能。一种方法是测量计算机完成单一任务的速度;这是一种速度测量。另一种方式是测量计算机在一定时间内能完成多少任务;这被称为吞吐量、容量或速率测量。

SPECspeed®指标(例如,SPECint® 2006基准)用于比较计算机完成单一任务的能力。
SPECrate®指标(例如,SPECint®_rate 2006基准)测量一台机器执行若干任务的吞吐量或速率。


Retired SPEC Benchmark Suites

SPEC no longer provides technical support or accepts result submissions for posting on the SPEC web site for any of these retired benchmarks.


SPEC provides special non-profit/educational discounts for organizations with 501C or equivalent standings on selected SPEC benchmark suites. Staff may request proof of qualification. All academic orders are licensed to a professor or full-time staff member.

SPEC benchmarks are licensed to companies, universities, and organizations around the world; to find out if your organization is a member of SPEC’s consortium, please see our current membership . Or to find out if your organization has an existing license for a SPEC product please contact SPEC at info@spec.org.






SPEC CPU2006 V1.2
     Purchase ($800)
SPEC CPU2000 V1.3.1
     Purchase ($500)
SPEC CPU95 V1.10
     Purchase ($600)
SPEC CPU92 V1.1 (CFP92/CINT92 bundle)
     Purchase ($900)
     Purchase ($300)



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