Docker run help
Docker run help
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Docker run help
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摘要: Docker run help 所有参数


Usage: docker run [OPTIONS] IMAGE [COMMAND] [ARG...]


  -a, --attach=[]                 Attach to STDIN, STDOUT or STDERR
  --add-host=[]                   Add a custom host-to-IP mapping (host:ip)
  --blkio-weight=0                Block IO (relative weight), between 10 and 1000
  --cpu-shares=0                  CPU 共享 (relative weight)
  --cap-add=[]                    新增 Linux capabilities
  --cap-drop=[]                   删除 Linux capabilities
  --cgroup-parent=                Optional parent cgroup for the container
  --cidfile=                     将容器ID写到文件
  --cpu-period=0                  Limit CPU CFS (Completely Fair Scheduler) period
  --cpu-quota=0                   Limit CPU CFS (Completely Fair Scheduler) quota
  --cpuset-cpus=                  CPUs in which to allow execution (0-3, 0,1)
  --cpuset-mems=                  MEMs in which to allow execution (0-3, 0,1)
  -d, --detach=false              Run container in background and print container ID
  --device=[]                     Add a host device to the container
  --disable-content-trust=true    Skip image verification
  --dns=[]                        Set custom DNS servers
  --dns-opt=[]                    设置 DNS 可选项
  --dns-search=[]                 Set custom DNS search domains
  -e, --env=[]                    设置环境变量
  --entrypoint=                   Overwrite the default ENTRYPOINT of the image
  --env-file=[]                   Read in a file of environment variables
  --expose=[]                     Expose a port or a range of ports
  --group-add=[]                  Add additional groups to join
  -h, --hostname=                 容器主机名
  --help=false                    打印 usage
  -i, --interactive=false         Keep STDIN open even if not attached
  --ipc=                          IPC namespace to use
  --kernel-memory=                内核内存限制
  -l, --label=[]                  Set meta data on a container
  --label-file=[]                 Read in a line delimited file of labels
  --link=[]                       Add link to another container
  --log-driver=                   Logging driver for container
  --log-opt=[]                    Log driver options
  --lxc-conf=[]                   Add custom lxc options
  -m, --memory=                   内存限制
  --mac-address=                  Container MAC address (e.g. 92:d0:c6:0a:29:33)
  --memory-reservation=           Memory soft limit
  --memory-swap=                  Total memory (memory + swap), '-1' to disable swap
  --memory-swappiness=-1          Tuning container memory swappiness (0 to 100)
  --name=                         Assign a name to the container
  --net=default                   Set the Network for the container
  --oom-kill-disable=false        Disable OOM Killer
  -P, --publish-all=false         Publish all exposed ports to random ports
  -p, --publish=[]                Publish a container's port(s) to the host
  --pid=                          PID namespace to use
  --privileged=false              Give extended privileges to this container
  --read-only=false               Mount the container's root filesystem as read only
  --restart=no                    Restart policy to apply when a container exits
  --rm=false                      Automatically remove the container when it exits
  --security-opt=[]               Security Options
  --sig-proxy=true                Proxy received signals to the process
  --stop-signal=SIGTERM           Signal to stop a container, SIGTERM by default
  -t, --tty=false                 Allocate a pseudo-TTY
  -u, --user=                     Username or UID (format: <name|uid>[:<group|gid>])
  --ulimit=[]                     Ulimit options
  --uts=                          UTS namespace to use
  -v, --volume=[]                 Bind mount a volume
  --volume-driver=                Optional volume driver for the container
  --volumes-from=[]               Mount volumes from the specified container(s)
  -w, --workdir=                  Working directory inside the container


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