easy-es V0.9.16 已经发布


V0.9.16 新增功能: 1.新增allEq功能,与MP一致 2.提供全局和wrapper细粒度配置eq对应must或filter,后者不计算得分,可提升查询性能 3.提供es心跳策略的配置 可解决 es出现 connection reset by peer异常

体验优化: 1.部署maven中央仓库增加了jar包携带源码,用户使用起来更easy,可直接在方法签名中看到接口原始命名信息,可见名知意,也便于查看方法及参数介绍 2.移除批量操作(增删改)中bulkResponse.hasFailures时抛业务异常的逻辑,更改为:失败的数据的信息和原因打印日志但不抛异常,且不计入方法最终返回的成功总条数,由于ES没有事务和回滚机制,因此这样做更合理. 3.@EsMapperScan注解只扫描继承了BaseEsMapper的自定义Mapper,可避免用户瞎几把定义的接口放在scan目录下被误扫描注册Bean. 4.官网文档中增加对id字段不需要创建的提示

缺陷修复: 1.修复select(字段名数组)中包含id时,实际未查询id的缺陷 2.修复id名称为其它字段名时,根据id排序报错的缺陷 3.修复GlobalConfigCache写入顺序有误缺陷 4.修复批量插入时,字段策略设置为not_emtpy/not_null时,插入数据有空/null值时fastjson过滤器覆盖缺陷.

PS:近期临近1.0稳定正式版上线,功能高密度高速迭代,不可避免的出现测试没有回归到位,缺陷频繁问题,非常抱歉,对此给大家带来的不便敬请谅解. 针对Bolck级别缺陷48H内修复上线,非Block缺陷24H内给出替代解决方案.

V0.9.16 new features:

  1. Added allEq function, consistent with MP
  2. Provide global and wrapper fine-grained configuration eq corresponding to must or filter, the latter does not calculate the score, which can improve query performance
  3. Provide the configuration of the es heartbeat policy to solve the connection reset by peer exception in es

Experience optimization:

  1. Deploying the maven central warehouse adds the source code of the jar package, which is easier for users to use. You can directly see the original naming information of the interface in the method signature. You can see the meaning of the name, and it is also easy to view the method and parameter introduction
  2. Remove the logic of throwing business exceptions in bulkResponse.hasFailures in batch operations (add, delete, and modify), and change it to: the information and reason of the failed data are printed in the log but no exception is thrown, and it is not counted in the total number of successful records returned by the method. , since ES has no transaction and rollback mechanism, it makes more sense to do so.
  3. The @EsMapperScan annotation only scans the custom Mapper that inherits BaseEsMapper, which can prevent users from putting the defined interfaces in the scan directory and being mistakenly scanned for registered beans.
  4. Add a reminder that the id field does not need to be created in the official website document

Bug fixes:

  1. Fix the defect that when id is included in select (field name array), the id is not actually queried
  2. Fix the bug that when the id name is another field name, the error is reported according to the id sorting
  3. Fix the bug that the writing order of GlobalConfigCache is wrong
  4. Fix the bug that fastjson filter overwrites when the inserted data has empty/null values ​​when the field policy is set to not_emtpy/not_null when inserting in batches.

PS: The 1.0 stable and official version is approaching the launch recently, with high-density and high-speed iteration of functions. It is inevitable that the test does not return to place, and there are frequent defects. I am very sorry, and I apologize for the inconvenience caused to everyone. For Bolck-level defects, the repair will be launched within 48H, and alternative solutions will be given within 24H for non-Block defects.