bayes-releases v0.8.0 已经发布



414889a chore: commit go.sum 9ba2e95 chore: fix test 4a815b4 chore: go mod upgrade 44f68ef chore: print and open url when restarting error 2829b28 chore: set request time out 2f351d7 chore: show more gear status details 4a2ac3e chore: update api models a34ba7c chore: update circleci config 320c726 chore: update openapi models 9b98c60 chore: v0.8.0 1f82d69 feat: add bayes gear init --open, ref signcl/issues#121 dea1cac feat: add servers config a563c30 feat: rename and support workspace, ref signcl/issues#193 e3685ac feat: support runtime deprecated, ref #33 f76ab62 feat: support workspace restart, ref signcl/issues#193 0f5edfd feat: use go modules instead of go dep