CP Editor 6.10.1 已经发布,基于 Qt 的跨平台代码编辑器


现在 Gitee 每次都是手动上传附件的,以后可能懒得搞了,访问 GitHub 慢的朋友们可以尝试在 https://hub.fastgit.org/cpeditor/cpeditor/releases 等 GitHub 镜像站下载。

6.10.1 (Beta)


  • Now the winlibs release on Windows includes LLVM. If you use the clangd in this release as the C++ Language Server, <bits/stdc++.h> should be properly recognized. (#878)
  • Now custom checkers will be automatically recompiled if it's changed. (#843 and #898)
  • Support WakaTime. You can enable it at Preferences->Extensions->WakaTime. The wakatime executable requires manual installation. (#918 and #953)
  • Add Tranditional Chinese translations. (#930 and #978)
  • Add Modern Greek translations. (#984)
  • Added stopwatch. You can enable it at Preferences->Actions->Stopwatch. (#1009)


  • Fix that two dialogs are shown when entering full-screen mode for the first time. (#875)
  • Actually fix that Detached Execution doesn't work on Windows with clang++, which was incorrectly fixed in #873.
  • Change the swap-line shortcuts on macOS from Ctrl+Shift+Up/Down to Command+Control+Up/Down to fix that the old shortcuts were unusable on macOS. (#863 and #876)
  • Fix that the icon is not in the center on macOS. (#880)
  • Fix that there's no suffix when using Default File Path For Problem URLs. (#894)
  • Fix that when "Save Test Case To A File" the elided version instead of the full content of a test case was saved to the file.
  • Fix that, on Windows, when there are large test cases, small test cases also take a long time to finish. (#789 and #938)
  • Fix that, on Windows, when there are large test cases and the user's code is blocking, CP Editor also blocks. (#938)
  • Fix that when built with CMake 3.21.1 and Ninja, it results in dupbuild or dependency cycle error. (#941)


  • New tabs were opened at the end of the tab list. Now they are opened next to the current tab, or the original tab if the new tab is a duplicate. (#1021)