kernel 4.19.90-2110.7.0 已经发布


bugzilla: 182847, 804848125f64 sched/topology: Fix sched_domain_topology_level alloc in sched_init_numa()
bugzilla: NA de116c464507 uacce: misc fixes
bugzilla: 182882 017024645a11 mm/page_alloc: place pages to tail in __free_pages_core()
5be3d693fa38 mm/page_alloc: move pages to tail in move_to_free_list()
69e15bb4700b mm/page_alloc: place pages to tail in __putback_isolated_page()
22d4ccfa7e3e mm/page_alloc: convert "report" flag of __free_one_page() to a proper flag
91bac2310ae7 mm: add function __putback_isolated_page
c479b04b21e5 mm/page_alloc.c: memory hotplug: free pages as higher order
bugzilla: 182883, a2e9fa04e5e6 raid1: ensure write behind bio has less than BIO_MAX_VECS sectors
bugzilla: 182135, 02512915b5c2 blk-wbt: fix IO hang due to negative inflight counter
bugzilla: 01f486af8b29 Export sysboml for bbox to use.
bugzilla: NA 82a9468b72fe ovl: use a private non-persistent ino pool
d71db6b5705f ovl: simplify i_ino initialization
3aea08f34fcd ovl: factor out helper ovl_get_root()
36518070611d ovl: fix out of date comment and unreachable code