ExpressLRS 1.0.0 已经发布


ExpressLRS V1.0.0 Release Notes Lots of great work has gone into the first major release of ExpressLRS. The number of users and contributors has grown rapidly allowing for some awesome features to be added.

ExpressLRS 1.0.0 is finally here... 1st EVER RELEASE!!

The important stuff Arming must be on AUX1 for safety and feature reasons, having this fixed allows us to maintain small packet sizes and deliver better aux channel options Be sure to flash both the TX and RX Update your LUA script ExpressLRS Firsts 200Hz 900MHz LoRa 250 and 500Hz 2.4GHz LoRa SMD antenna SPI LoRa RX integration with Betaflight Bind Passphrase for seamless multi-binding Features Optimized for receiver sensitivity resulting in exceptional range As low as 2ms packet interval (500Hz) Low latency, low jitter, phenomenal timing consistency Highly configurable RF power, packet rate, and telemetry ratios for bleeding edge speed, crazy range, or anything in between. Support for both Team2.4, Team900 and Team433 within the same codebase Antenna diversity Low cost hardware available from a variety of manufacturers with unique designs Works with anything that handles CRSF protocol: Betaflight, iNav, Ardupilot, Emuflight, vJoySerialFeeder, etc Receivers as small as 10mm x 10mm x 0.6mm, 0.44g with antenna Telemetry Support Link Statistics, Voltage, Current, Battery Capacity, Attitude and Rate, Flight Mode, GPS Position, Altitude, Heading, Speed and Satellites etc. MSP passthrough for Betaflight Lua scripts etc. Selectable telemetry bandwidth allocation from none to 10kbit Quality of life ExpressLRS Configurator flashing utility Conventional binding support or Passphrase multi-binding Button-less passthrough for easy firmware updates when connected to a flight controller WiFi firmware updates No inverted UART needed on flight controller Hardware Targets: 2.4GHz Happymodel TX/RX BETAFPV TX/RX NamimnoRC TX/RX SIYI FM30 TX/RX ImmersionRC Ghost TX/RX ExpressLRS DIY TX/RX 915-868MHz Happymodel TX/RX BETAFPV TX/RX NamimnoRC TX/RX NeutronRC RX FrSky R9 TX/RX ExpressLRS DIY TX/RX AIO Flight Controllers Compatible with the SPI RX found on the Happymodel and SP Racing flight controllers

Communities Discord Here you will find a community of nearly 4k users and a heap of tech talk, both software and hardware hacking. This is also the best place to get real time support for any issues.

Facebook A great place to show and tell your achievements on the race track or a long range flight.

GitHub This is where you can discuss code additions and changes. ELRS is still in the early days of development with big plans for future releases…