OpenCore-Legacy-Patcher 0.1.2 已经发布


  • Fix IDE support on 2008 era MacBooks, iMacs and Xserves
  • Fix reduced output speeds on BCM94360 series Wifi cards
  • Fix accidentally disabling non-existent iGPU in iMac11,2
  • Remove USB ACPI Patching requirement for Minimal SMBIOS setups
  • Probe hardware for Backlight pathing on iMac10,1, iMac11,x and iMac12,x with Metal GPUs
  • Add Windows UEFI Audio support to Sandy and Ivy Bridge Macs
  • Add 3rd Party NVMe Power Management Patches NVMeFix fafc52d (1.0.7 release - 05-03-2021)
  • Strip unused ACPI and Kernel entries during build
  • Allow native Macs to use OpenCore Better 3rd party NVMe support Better Wireless networking support
  • Fix MacBook6,1 audio support
  • Increment binaries OpenCore 65cc81b (0.6.9 release - 05-03-2021) Lilu c77722d (1.5.3 release - 05-03-2021) AppleALC 84850d0 (1.6.0 rolling - 04-30-2021) RestrictEvents 9e2bb0f (1.0.1 release - 05-03-2021)
  • Allow CPUFriend on all El-Capitan Era Macs
  • Fix UEFI 2.0 Application support on upgraded Nvidia GPUs
  • Add experimental Sidecar support Requires Mac with Metal Intel iGPU and the iPad to be directly plugged in, wireless highly unstable SidecarFixup efdf11c (1.0.0 release - 05-02-2021)